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Paul Anderson

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Career Highlights


  • Paul Anderson was a weightlifter who was once recognized as the World’s Strongest Man!
    • Squat: 1185 lbs
    • Bench Press: 625 lbs
    • Deadlift w/o Straps: 780 lbs
    • Deadlift w/Hooks: 820 lbs
    • Clean & Press: 485 lbs
    • Clean & Jerk: 485 lbs
    • Snatch: 375 lbs
    • Push Press: 545 lbs
    • Back Lift: 6270 lbs
    • Dumbbell Side Press: 240 lbs x 40 / 300 lbs x 11


  • Paul Anderson trained mainly on the squat; He weighed around 330-360 pounds with 36 inch thighs and squatting power to match..
  • ~~Which gave him the basic strength to demolish all the official Olympic lifting records and many unofficial power records..
  • ~~Paul squatted 900 lbs while still an amateur and later did a legendary 1200 lbs as a professional..
  • ~~Paul Anderson’s most impressive feat was in the jerk press of an incredible 565 pounds! 
  • Paul Anderson won a gold medal for weightlifting at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia..
  • 1961: Paul Anderson and his wife (Glenda) founded the “Paul Anderson Youth Home” for troubled youth..
  • August 15, 1994: Paul Edward Anderson passed away..George Caillouette wrote in: When I was a boy I saw Mr. Paul Anderson on the What’s My Line TV show lift a 2,000 lb elephant and the whole panel. This was done at separate times. The panel of people were on a carousel type structure. This spurred me to do weightlifting which helped me to be a healthy teenager. In high school I gained 50 lbs because of weightlifting taking me from 115 lbs @ 5’6″ to 165 lbs.



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October 17, 1932







370 lbs

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The Georgia Bearhug

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