Peter Maivia

Title History


  • Americas Heavyweight title defeating Victor Rivera ();
  • Pacific Heavyweight title defeating Tony Rocco ();
  • ACCW Tag Team titles w/Mando Guerrero (3 times);;
  • ACCW Tag Team titles w/Professor Toru Tanaka (2 times);
  • ACCW Heavyweight title defeating Jack “Wildman” armstrong ();
  • CCW Tag Team titles w/Samoan Bulldog defeating ????? & ????? ();
  • AIWA Tag Team titles w/Samoan Bulldog defeated Toloc & Alex Knight ();


Career Highlights


  • Junior Maivia’s first match was with the Golden Greek John Tolos..
  • Junior Maivia attempted to slam the 500 pound Grizzly Smith and failed…
  • Has been in movies and TV: Under the Gun, The Bad Guys, 1st and 10 (with O.J. Simpson), and on That 70s Show (Television)..
  • The content for this profile was personally supplied by Peter Maivia Jr. by email..