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Phil Grueber

Title History


  • Jewish Heavyweight Champion ();


Career Highlights


  • Phil Grueber was on the cover of The Chicago Bodybuilder Magazine and was Mr. America at the San Diego Exposition..
  • Phil Grueber was a quoted body builder in Chicago, a model, and was a professional wrestler in the 1930s – 60s..
  • Trained at the Chicago Weight Lifting Club with Jim Londos, Vincent Lopez, Dean Detton & Milo Steinborn..
  • Phil Grueber was named as an alternate on the Olympic Weight Lifting Team at Los Angeles, California..
  • Phil Grueber wrestled throughout the country, but lived most of his early years in Chicago, Illinois..
  • Phil Grueber was very often called an “Adonis” as well as a “Jewish Heavyweight Champion” …..Jim Londos commenting on Phil’s dextrous speed and strength, said “This strong man has more than the makings of a champion. I’ve never seen a wrestler at so young an age display so much strength and ability”.

    In 1936, out of 57 matches he lost twice and drew twice. He defeated Pat Murphy, Cleve Welch, Gerard Lauth, Al Williams, Zack Malkov, Abe Coleman, Dean Detton, Jim McMillan, Iron Man Talun, Jack Root and others.

    He was Mr. America at the San Diego Exposition in 1935. He was a wrestler, a top Chicago model and a bodybuilder. He’s been called a Modern Hercules, a Strong-man, an Adonis, and the Jewish Hercules. People spoke of the thrill of seeing his superb physique and his muscle control exhibitions.

    He was married, and had a son and a daughter. His daughter is Playboy Playmate/Model, Ellen Michaels

    Wrestled the greats of the 30’s, 40’s 50’s and early 60’s.

  • Special thank you to Ellen Michaels (the daughter of Phil Grueber) for helping with the content on this profile..



Social Media


Trained By

Chicago Weight Lifting Club





Chicago, Illinois




Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Full Nelson
Half Nelson
The Bearhug

Notable Feuds

Ace Freeman
Dave Levin
Dean Welch
Dennis Lentz
Bruno Sammartino
Haystacks Calhoun
Buddy Rogers