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Phil Melby

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Phil Melby held a version of the United STates Title recognized in the Southwestern States in the late 1960s..


Dale Pierce wrote: In his long career, Melby was a mainstay in the west, who wrestled the likes of Gorgeous George (whom he gained a win over) and Lou Thesz (whom he did not defeat) Melby ran a succsessful solar heating business for years and also worked some weekends as a train robber, “robbing” the train at the now defunct Legend City Amusement Park on the outskirts of Phoenix. Melby frequented boths sides of the border, usually teaming with Rudy Navarro. Together, they caused numerous riots in the smaller rings. Melby always liked to tell of how, in the middle of a shower at a tv taping in Mexico,an angry producer shut all the lights off on him in the locker room. Melby created light by piling old chairs and other junk into a stack and starting a fire. Melby has been confused at times with another wrestler known as Bill Melby, who was no relation. Melby retired in 1986, after a tag team match in Phoenix where he and Reggie Parks took on the team of Tony Hernandez and The Mongolian Stomper. During the 1990s, Melby gained the reputation of “Mr. Comeback” when he survived a serious stroke, a “terminal” bout with cancer and a heart attack. Melby was one of the honorees at the 1997 oldtimer reunion in Phoenix


Social Media


Trained By

Jim Londos





Phoenix, Arizona





230 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Head Scissors
Body Slam
Full Nelson

Notable Feuds

Gorgeous George
Ernie Guest
Antonio Posa
Don Arnold
Gorilla Marcos
Sweet Daddy Watts
_The Wasp_____
Big Jim Wright
Chuck Karbo
Dr. Jerry Graham
Tony Hernandez
Fidel Grimo
Mr Who
Len Rossi
Indio Bravo
Scotty Williams
John Shane
Wally Steele