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Poncho Pico

  • Arizona State title ();
  • Arizona State Heavyweight title defeating The Satin Medic (1971);


Career Highlights


  • Pancho Pico claimed to be the brother of Roberto “Bobby” Pico..
  • Pancho Pico also promoted one of the various promotions in Juarez in the 1970s and 1980s..
  • Pancho Pico may be read about in the book, Riot At the Garden at http://www.riotatthegarden.com..
  • ~~~This book documented his feud teaming with Ben Justice against the two hated Comancharos..

    Dale Pierce wrote: Pancho Pico won the Arizona State Heavyweight title from The Satin Medic in 1971 and maintained it until the promotion run by Ernie Muhhamid folded later that year. Among the people he defended it against in this brief reign were the original buddy Rose (a man who used this name before the more famous Playboy Buddy Rose), Tony Barbetta and Jack Ringer.



Social Media


Trained By




Born in Juarez, Mexico





230 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

The Granby Roll

Favorite Move(s)

The Bolo Punch
The Bulldog
The Hiptoss

Notable Feuds

The Satin Medic
Buddy Rose (Original)
Jack Ringer
John Ringer
The Brunetti Brothers
Tony Bernardi
Mongol Lu Kim
Gorgeous George Jr.
Handsome Paul Harvey
Rudy Navarro
Phil Brummett
Gopsy Biviano
Commi Kasha
Maniac Mike Gordon
The Comancharos
Los Mexicanos
Chuck Karbo
Don Arnold
Jim Wright
Tony Barbetta
El Circulo
Jody Arnold
Tito Copa
Jack Rodick
Flama Azul