Pretty Mean Sisters

Career Highlights

  • Terri announced that she was “pregnant” with Val Venis’ baby, but Venis reacted by dumping her on the spot!
  • ~~~D-Lo Brown accidentally knocked Terri off the ring apron, causing her to miscarriage and lose her baby..
  • ~~~After “losing” the baby, Terri formed a group called PMS (Pretty Mean Sisters) along with Jacqueline..
  • ~~~Terri & Jacqueline blackmailed D-Lo Brown into doing their dirty work until he discovered she was never pregnant!
  • December 13, 1998 – Rock Bottom: Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown defeated The Godfather & Val Venis with help from PMS..
  • PMS introduced a 3rd member Ryan Shamrock and brought in wrestler “Meat”, who would later become known as Shawn Stasiak..
  • July 1999: PMS split up when Shamrock was released by the WWF and Jacqueline became fed up with Terri’s favouring of Meat..
  • PMS were original candidates for G-TV. It was written to be “Goldust”-TV, but then Dustin Runnels left the company..
  • ~~~~~then it was to be “Girl”-TV for PMS, but that was scrapped too..