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Ranger Ross

Career Highlights

National Wrestling Alliance:

  • April 2, 1989 – NWA Clash of the Champions #6: “Ragin’ Cajun”: Ranger Ross defeated Iron Sheik by Disqualification..
  • May 1989: NWA World Tag-Team Title Tournament: Simmons & Ranger Ross lost in the first round to the Samoan Swat Team..
  • May 7, 1989 – WrestleWar: Butch Reed defeated Ranger Ross..
  • June 14, 1989 – NWA Clash of the Champions #7: “Guts and Glory”: Ranger Ross def The Terrorist (Jack Victory)..
  • September 12, 1989 – NWA Clash of the Champions #8: “Fall Brawl”: Sid Vicious pinned Ranger Ross..
  • January 30, 1991 – WCW Clash of the Champions #14: “Dixie Dynamite”: Ranger Ross pinned El Cuban..Hard Time:
  • Ranger Ross served time in prison for multiple counts of armed robbery in Acworth Georgia..
  • ~~~Rumor has it, Ross actually tried to burn down the police station to destroy the evidence!Back Into Society:
  • August 21, 2004–WXO TV Taping: Ranger Ross & Lash Leroux & Danny Dollar defeated The Lost Souls & ????..
  • ~~~Later in the night, Ranger Ross & Lash Leroux defeated The Turbulators by Disqualifiction..
  • August 12, 2005–Wrestle Inc.: Ranger Ross defeated Alan Martin..
  • August 13, 2005–Pro Wrestling Evolution: Rainman beat Brad Armstrong and Ranger Ross and Simon Sermon in a 4-WAY..
  • October 2005: Tony Atlas & The Patriot & Ranger Ross & The Stro defeated Ivan Koloff & The Russian Army…
  • April 22, 2006–Pro Wrestling Evolution: Ranger Ross defeated Adam Raddick by Disqualification…
  • May 6, 2006–TNT Pro Wrestling: Ken Aldridge & Ranger Ross defeated Kamala & Mr. Terrific….



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