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Reggie Bennett

Title History


  • IWA World Women’s Title defeating Manami Toyota (May 15, 1995);


Career Highlights


  • 1986: Reggie Bennett started wrestling on the independant wrestling circuit in California..
  • Reggie Bennett wrestled in David McLane’s GLOW promotion, as well as the POWW promotion later on..
  • Early 1990s: Reggie Bennett began working in Japan for the All Japan Women promotions..
  • February 23, 1992 – LPWA Super Ladies Showdown: Reggie Bennett defeated Yukari Osawa in the 1st round of a Tournament..
  • ~~~Dangerous Denise Storm defeated Reggie Bennett by Disqualification in the second round..
  • November 20, 1994 – AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Show: Chigusa Nagayo beat Reggie Bennett at the Tokyo Dome..
  • May 15, 1995: Reggie Bennett defeated Manami Toyota for the IWA World Women’s title in Niigata, Japan..
  • December 4, 1995 – Monday Night Sensation Show: Takako Inoue beat Reggie Bennett for the IWA World Women’s title..
  • June 22, 1996: Reggie Bennett won a Tournament to capture the All Pacific Title in Sapporo, Japan..
  • November 21, 1996: Takako Inoue defeated Reggie Bennett to capture the All Pacific title in Kobe, Japan..
  • 1996: Reggie Bennett participated in the U*TOP tournament — which was a shoot fighting series of matches..
  • ~~~Reggie Bennett beat Dutch kickboxer Elma Wayhoff in a fight that lasted over eighteen minutes!
  • ~~~Reggie Bennett lost to the eventual winner of the Tournament, Rosina Elina, in the 2nd round in about 9 minutes..
  • 1998: Reggie Bennett jumped ship to the Arsion promotion when All Japan Women starting going under..
  • August 2000: Reggie Bennett married a Japanese musician named Kenji Ishihara..
  • Late 2000: Reggie Bennett decided to retire from wrestling after her final match on March 4, 2001 against Manami Toyota..



Social Media


Trained By




January 24, 1961


Born in San Diego, California
Billed from Venice Beach, California
Retired in Japan





Finishing Move(s)

The Reggie Rack

Favorite Move(s)

The Global Bomb

Notable Feuds