Reggie Bennett

Title History


  • IWA World Women’s Title defeating Manami Toyota (May 15, 1995);


Career Highlights


  • 1986: Reggie Bennett started wrestling on the independant wrestling circuit in California..
  • Reggie Bennett wrestled in David McLane’s GLOW promotion, as well as the POWW promotion later on..
  • Early 1990s: Reggie Bennett began working in Japan for the All Japan Women promotions..
  • February 23, 1992 – LPWA Super Ladies Showdown: Reggie Bennett defeated Yukari Osawa in the 1st round of a Tournament..
  • ~~~Dangerous Denise Storm defeated Reggie Bennett by Disqualification in the second round..
  • November 20, 1994 – AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Show: Chigusa Nagayo beat Reggie Bennett at the Tokyo Dome..
  • May 15, 1995: Reggie Bennett defeated Manami Toyota for the IWA World Women’s title in Niigata, Japan..
  • December 4, 1995 – Monday Night Sensation Show: Takako Inoue beat Reggie Bennett for the IWA World Women’s title..
  • June 22, 1996: Reggie Bennett won a Tournament to capture the All Pacific Title in Sapporo, Japan..
  • November 21, 1996: Takako Inoue defeated Reggie Bennett to capture the All Pacific title in Kobe, Japan..
  • 1996: Reggie Bennett participated in the U*TOP tournament — which was a shoot fighting series of matches..
  • ~~~Reggie Bennett beat Dutch kickboxer Elma Wayhoff in a fight that lasted over eighteen minutes!
  • ~~~Reggie Bennett lost to the eventual winner of the Tournament, Rosina Elina, in the 2nd round in about 9 minutes..
  • 1998: Reggie Bennett jumped ship to the Arsion promotion when All Japan Women starting going under..
  • August 2000: Reggie Bennett married a Japanese musician named Kenji Ishihara..
  • Late 2000: Reggie Bennett decided to retire from wrestling after her final match on March 4, 2001 against Manami Toyota..