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Rene Guajardo

Title History


  • NWA (EMLL) World Middleweight title defeating Rolando Vera (October 13, 1960);
  • NWA (EMLL) World Middleweight title defeating Antonio Poza (April 18, 1962);
  • (Mexico) National Tag Team titles w/Karloff Lagarde (1962);
  • NWA (EMLL) World Middleweight title defeating El Rayo de Jalisco (April 9, 1965);
  • NWA (EMLL) World Middleweight title defeating Jerry London (July 1, 1966);
  • (Mexico) National Middleweight title defeating El Santo (June 22, 1967);
  • NWA (EMLL) World Middleweight title defeating Apollo Curiel (July 29, 1967);
  • (Mexico) National Middleweight title defeating Alberto Munoz (November 20, 1969);
  • NWA (EMLL) World Middleweight title defeating Anibal (March 30, 1973);
  • UWA (Mexico) World Middleweight title [First Ever] defeating Anibal (November 26, 1975);
  • UWA (Mexico) World Middleweight title defeating Gran Hamada (October 31, 1976);


Career Highlights


  • 1992: Rene Guajardo passed away..


Tamalie (via the WCMB) wrote: In 1990 the UWA, at the time one of Mexico’s major promotions, sent Rene Guajardo to Europe to wrestle for Otto Wanz and the CWA in Austria and Germany. Rene had been retired since 1982 and was working in the office for the UWA. The primary reason for Rene working in Europe was to scout talent for the promotion. He ended up bringing Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, and Too Cold Scorpio to the UWA after meeting them on this tour. During the tour Rene worked under the gimmick name of Indio Guajardo. Thus Rene and Indio Guajardo are the same person and that is the reason why.


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Trained By









Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Various Lucha Moves
The Bodyslam
The Body-block

Notable Feuds

Jerry London
Rayo de Jalisco
Antonio Posa
Al Munoz
Humberto Garza
Otto Wanz
El Santo
Ivan Koloff
Angelo Poffo