Robbie Rage

Title History

  • NCW/NWA Wildside Television title defeating ?????? ();

Career Highlights

World Championship Wrestling – High Voltage:

  • Robbie Rage trained at WCW’s Powerplant along with his best friend Kenny Kaos..
  • Robbie Rage & Kenny Kaos debuted in WCW as “High Voltage” religated to jobber status..
  • ~~~High Voltage appeared in a WCW Monday Nitro commercial along with Megastar, Sting..
  • Click the High Voltage profile to view an extensive match listing compiled by OWW researcher Nick Mayberry..
  • September 1998: Rage goes down with an injury and Kaos sets out on his own..
  • November 1997: Robbie Rage made his first appearance in Japan with Kaos representing WCW in the Super Grade Tag League..
  • Robbie Rage joined Tim Catalfo’s Obake Gym, and befriended Yuji Nagata during Nagata’s learning excursion to WCW..
  • Summer 2000: Robbie Rage left WCW for good and returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling..