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Sam Menacker

Title History

Career Highlights

  • Frank Menacker was a baseball player in the NY Yankees organization, playing class A baseball as a catcher before turning to the mat.
  • Frank Menacker had is name changed from Frank to Sam because promoters thought that Frank didn’t sound “Jewish” enough.
  • 1941: Sam Menacker’s wrestling career was put on hold by the War.
  • 1946: Sam Menacker was discharged after five years of service, with the rank of Major!
  • Sam Menacker returned to wrestling but soon abandoned the tights and became a promoter/manager, and later a commentator.
  • Amung Sam Menacker’s proteges were his wife, June Beyers and Gorgeous George Wagner.
  • Sam Menacker and June Beyers were both licensed pilots, and used to fly to many of their bookings.
  • Sam Menacker appeared in several movies: Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion, Mighty Joe Young, and Alias the Champ.
  • January 7, 1994: Sammy Menacker passed away at the age of 79.



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May 13, 1914


New York City




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Notable Feuds

Bobby Heenan (Detroit)