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Sam Sheppard

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Sam Sheppard played football, basketball and track at Cleveland Heights High School..
  • Dr. Sam Sheppard was the same man portrayed in the movie “The Fugitive” — who was accused of murdering his wife..
  • After a trial ruled that he was not guilty, he was no longer allowed to practice medicine, so he became a wrestler!
  • Sam Sheppard was married (later divorced) the daughter of wrestler George Strickland, who got him into wrestling..
  • Sam Sheppard debuted at the Akron Armory in Ohio, teaming with George Strickland (close to Cleveland, Ohio)..
  • ~~~This was roughly the same impact on the fans as if say, OJ Simpson would appear in a tag team in Los Angeles..
  • ~~~Remember many people in Ohio believed he was guilty of killing his wife and did not like him being a free man..
  • November 28, 1969: Sam Sheppard & George Strickland appeared at the Atlantic City Auditorium before a packed house..
  • ~~~Tons of curious people came to see the infamous “wife killer” live and in person..
  • Sam Sheppard died shortly after a big feature was printed on him in The Wrestler magazine..
  • April 6, 1970: Sam Sheppard passed away due to Liver Disease at the age of 46..
  • George Peppard played him in the movie “Question of Innocence”, which actually touched upon his wrestling career..



Social Media


Trained By

George Strickland



December 29, 1923


Cleveland, Ohio





195 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

The Mandible Claw

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds