Sam Sheppard

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Sam Sheppard played football, basketball and track at Cleveland Heights High School..
  • Dr. Sam Sheppard was the same man portrayed in the movie “The Fugitive” — who was accused of murdering his wife..
  • After a trial ruled that he was not guilty, he was no longer allowed to practice medicine, so he became a wrestler!
  • Sam Sheppard was married (later divorced) the daughter of wrestler George Strickland, who got him into wrestling..
  • Sam Sheppard debuted at the Akron Armory in Ohio, teaming with George Strickland (close to Cleveland, Ohio)..
  • ~~~This was roughly the same impact on the fans as if say, OJ Simpson would appear in a tag team in Los Angeles..
  • ~~~Remember many people in Ohio believed he was guilty of killing his wife and did not like him being a free man..
  • November 28, 1969: Sam Sheppard & George Strickland appeared at the Atlantic City Auditorium before a packed house..
  • ~~~Tons of curious people came to see the infamous “wife killer” live and in person..
  • Sam Sheppard died shortly after a big feature was printed on him in The Wrestler magazine..
  • April 6, 1970: Sam Sheppard passed away due to Liver Disease at the age of 46..
  • George Peppard played him in the movie “Question of Innocence”, which actually touched upon his wrestling career..