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Career Highlights


  • Sapphire was essentially an enthusiastic superfan who ended up being the valet of The American Dream Dusty Rhodes
  • April 1, 1990 – Wrestlemania 6: Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire defeated Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri..
  • ~~~A few months later, Ted DiBiase purchased the services of Sapphire, taking her away from Dusty Rhodes..
  • September 11, 1996: Juanita Wright (Sapphire) passed away, at the age of 61, after suffering a heart attack..Darla Taylor wrote: Juanita was the very best friend that I ever had. I met her in September 1974 and we were best of friends until the day she died, September 11, 1996. I could tell you lots of stories about her, but one of my fondest was in 1993. It was after her stint as Sapphire in the WWF, but people still recognized her. We were on vacation together in Florida with a couple of other friends. We were at Universal Studios and they always have characters dressed in costumes walking around giving autographs. Well, some little boy recognized Sapphire and asked for her autograph. The next thing we knew there was more people asking her for autographs than the other costumed characters. It was great. We did a lot of traveling together thru the years to cities all over the U.S. to wrestling matches. She never met a stranger and made friends with everyone. She had many friends in the wrestling business. I could go on and on. I am sure there are many other people out there who remember Juanita. She was a great person. Before Juanita worked for the WWF, she did some wrestling for an independant group in St. Louis as “Princess Dark Cloud”. She was also the first lady in the state of Missouri to become a referee. I remember once, she even wrestled a bear. She was a classic! You couldn’t have asked for a better gal. One thing I wish she would have done was teach Dusty how to dance a little better. LOL (Sorry Dusty)



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October 24, 1938


St. Louis, Missouri





155 lbs

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Sherri Martel
Randy Savage