Saul Weingeroff

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Saul Weingeroff occasionally wrestled, if the storyline called for it, during his latter years..
  • ~~~He was tromped royally by Terry Funk during one of these matches.
  • ~~~He also took part in a “manager versus manager” feud and matches with J.C. Dykes..
  • Saul Weigneroff often did magazine articles for various wrestling magazines run by the late Lew Eskin in the 70s & 80s..
  • ~~~including Wrestling Review, official Wrestling and Wrestling Monthly..
  • Saul Weingeroff owned and operated a sign shop in downtown Nashville..
  • Saul Weingeroff once “ran for president” in a wrestling angle..
  • Saul Weigneroff was the father of wrestler George Weingeroff..
  • March 14, 1988: Saul Weingeroff passed away..