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Scufflin Hillbillies

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  • The Scufflin’ Hillbillies were actually two different teams that mixed and matched members..
  • The “originals” were Rip Collins & Chuck Conely..
  • The 2nd version was Cousin Willie (Billy Garrett) & Cousin Slim (Marvin Cheatham), managed by Cousin Alfred..
  • ~~~Sometimes they would have original members Rip Collins or Chuck Conely team with Cousin Slim or Cousin Willie..
  • By the late 1960s:
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Billy Garrett had become one of the masked Interns..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Marvin Cheatham became a manager named Beauregarde Van Buren (not to be confused with Beauregarde)..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chuck Conely was forced to retire due to injuries caused by an automobile accident..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rip Collins teamed with Vick Nichols as the last version of the Scufflin’ Hillbillies team..
  • ~~~~They were mainly used as travelling special attractions and never really stayed anywhere for any length of time..
  • ~~~~Rip Collins & Vick Nichols held the Tri-States Tag Team titles for Billy Golden’s promotion in Montgomery, Alabama..
  • As the name applies they dressed in overalls, wrestled barefoot and toted shotguns and moonshine jugs to ringside..

    diamondmd wrote (on the KM Forum): I believe the original team started in Ohio with Al Haft in the early 1960s. That was Rip Collins & Chuck Conley. They became so popular that a second team was started with Cousin Slim (Marvin Cheatham) & Cousin Willie (Billy Garrett). The second team was often accompanied by a manager in Cousin Alfred, who also wrestled sometimes. They often mixed and matched the Hillbillies up with Slim teaming with Rip and Chuck teaming with Willie and vice versa. Chuck Conley retired in the late 60s or early 70s after being injured in a car wreck. By that time Billy Garrett was working as one Ken Ramey’s Interns with Jim Starr and Slim was working solo as Slim Marlin. Slim then became a manager under the name Beuaregard Van Buren. Alfred retired and moved to North Georgia. In the early 70s, Rip Collins teamed with Vick Nichols to form the last version of the Hillbillies.



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The Stump Puller

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Don & Ron Carson (1967)