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Sean David Baxter

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  • Sean David Baxter is the son of Leon “Tarzan” Baxter AKA The Wrestling Pro..
  • Sean David Baxter broke in with Rip Tyler’s WOW promotion in Pensacola, FL and had a cup of coffee in Memphis.
  • Fall 1988–AWA/WCCW/CWA TV Taping: Badd Company (Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka) defeated Shawn Baxter & Ray Odyssey..

    Cowboy Bob Kelly wrote: I teamed David up with a boy from Mississippi Davy Rich and called them The Fantastics. They were pretty good and had they got a chance in a big territory, I’m sure they would have made money.

    Justin wrote: I saw you now have a page on him as well, he actually broke into the business around 1985 wrestling for Leon Raines and Bob Kelly’s revival of the Gulf Coast promotion in Mobile in addition to Southern Championship Wrestling on WDHN-TV in Dothan and also wrestled in Mississippi before wrestling for Rip Tyler’s WOW promotion and Memphis in the next few years afterwards. Just about any outlaw promotion in the Gulf Coast which was opposing The Fullers. He even wrestled for them a few times as ”Super Dave Baxter”. David left the business after four or five years because of a personal matter involving his parents divorce, and has had nothing to do with it since. He was trained by Leon, and his real name is in fact David Thomas Baxter born in Dothan, the ”Sean” moniker was attached in hopes of giving him a pretty boy image. He is now married with a son and daughter, living in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.


Ironically, Leon hasn’t had anything to do with the business since his departure in 1978, other than the following few exceptions 1. David’s career. 2. The occasional Farm Center shows in Dothan involving old Gulf Coast guys and/or legends reunions. 3. Gulf Coast Reunions which he only went to on and off over the years. He mostly doesn’t talk about the business these days, and acts like he doesn’t give a shit about it. Hell, he didn’t even show up to any of the shows run by his ”so called” #1 fan Percy Pringle during the couple years he ran his Gulf South Wrestling promotion. Leon’s not a rude guy or anything, he just doesn’t care about the business anymore. He’s also retired from the stockyard, enjoying his life in Dothan.


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Leon Baxter




Originally from Dothan, Alabama
Now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah




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