Seven Briggs

Title History


Career Highlights


  • She has been a nurse since 1995 and works full time at a psychiatric hospital..
  • Seven Briggs has managed Dagon Briggs, Jacey North, Naphtali and others..
  • Seven Briggs has appeared on both NWA-TNA Pay Per Views and NWA-TNA XPlosion..
  • Seven Briggs has appeared in over 20 promotions, including HCW Inc.,IPW-Hardcore & NWA Wildside..
  • Seven Briggs is known as one of the top female valets on the United States independant wrestling circuit..
  • Seven Briggs managed Dagon Briggs against Naohiro Hoshikawa on the NWA 53rd Anniversary Show..
  • 2002: Seven Briggs began as a regular with NWA-TNA, where she appeared as “Fluff Dupp”, the “kissing cousin” of the Dupps..
  • January 10, 2003 – HCW Hardkore Returns: Seven Briggs debuted in HCW by managing Dagon Briggs against “Bad” Ron Brown..
  • May 2003: Seven Briggs manages Dagon Briggs against Low-Ki on NWA-TNA X-Plosion..
  • June 21,2003: Seven Briggs managed Dagon Briggs through the 2nd Annual HCW Incredible 8 tournament..
  • ~~~Seven Briggs managed Dagon Briggs against Hack Meyers, “Bad” Ron Brown, and Reckless Youth..
  • October 16, 2004–Southern Championship Wrestling: Dagon Briggs & Seven beat Mister Saint Laurent & So Cal Val..
  • June 21, 2008–APWF South: Francisco Ciatso w/Ron Niemi defeated Dagon Briggs w/Seven in Palm Coast, Florida ..