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Seven Briggs

Title History


Career Highlights

  • She has been a nurse since 1995 and works full time at a psychiatric hospital..
  • Seven Briggs has managed Dagon Briggs, Jacey North, Naphtali and others..
  • Seven Briggs has appeared on both NWA-TNA Pay Per Views and NWA-TNA XPlosion..
  • Seven Briggs has appeared in over 20 promotions, including HCW Inc.,IPW-Hardcore & NWA Wildside..
  • Seven Briggs is known as one of the top female valets on the United States independant wrestling circuit..
  • Seven Briggs managed Dagon Briggs against Naohiro Hoshikawa on the NWA 53rd Anniversary Show..
  • 2002: Seven Briggs began as a regular with NWA-TNA, where she appeared as “Fluff Dupp”, the “kissing cousin” of the Dupps..
  • January 10, 2003 – HCW Hardkore Returns: Seven Briggs debuted in HCW by managing Dagon Briggs against “Bad” Ron Brown..
  • May 2003: Seven Briggs manages Dagon Briggs against Low-Ki on NWA-TNA X-Plosion..
  • June 21,2003: Seven Briggs managed Dagon Briggs through the 2nd Annual HCW Incredible 8 tournament..
  • ~~~Seven Briggs managed Dagon Briggs against Hack Meyers, “Bad” Ron Brown, and Reckless Youth..
  • October 16, 2004–Southern Championship Wrestling: Dagon Briggs & Seven beat Mister Saint Laurent & So Cal Val..
  • June 21, 2008–APWF South: Francisco Ciatso w/Ron Niemi defeated Dagon Briggs w/Seven in Palm Coast, Florida ..
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Social Media


Trained By



November 24, 1975


Jacksonville, FL
Billed from Spookcity, USA






130 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

The Seven Factor

Favorite Move(s)

Slap in the Face

Notable Feuds

"Bad" Ron Brown
Reckless Youth