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Title History

  • WCPW (Windy City Pro Wrestling) Ladies title ();

Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

Ohio Valley Wrestling:

  • 2005: Sosay was introduced to OVW by Kenny Bolin and Bolin Services as the personal secretary for Ken Doane..
  • June 3, 2006–Ohio Valley Wrestling: Serena defeated Sosay..
  • June 9, 2006–Ohio Valley Wrestling: Serena and Daisy Mae defeated Sosay and ODB with Shelly Martinez as referee..
  • June 21, 2006–OVW TV Tapings: Sosay vs Roni Jonah vs Jennifer [aka Kharma] vs Faith vs Kelly [ECW] vs ODB (Bikini Contest)..
  • June 28, 2006–OVW TV Tapings: Jack Bull w/Sosay defeated ???????…
  • October 11, 2006–OVW TV Tapings: “Fearless” Jack Bull w/Sosay defeated Vic DVine..
  • November 29, 2006–OVW TV Tapings: “Fearless” Jack Bull did an Escape Artist stunt with chains..
  • ~~~Joey Mercury came out and hit Sosaywith the Rodeo Driver then whacked Jack Bull with a Chair!
  • January 27, 2007–OVW House Show: Katie/Serena/Victoria/Maryse/Sosay vs Beth/Jennifer/Melody/Roni/Charlene [Tug-A-War]
  • January 31, 2007–OVW TV Tapings: Victoria & Serena & Sosay beat Beth Phoenix & ODB & Jennifer in a dark match..
  • February 7, 2007–OVW TV Tapings: Miss OVW Contest – Sosay participated in the Bra & Panties Competition..
  • February 14, 2007–OVW TV Tapings: Miss OVW Contest – Sosay participated in a Bra & Panties Battle Royal..
  • February 28, 2007–OVW TV Tapings: Beth Phoenix defeated Sosay in a dark match
  • Jennifer “Sosay” Kaiser auditioned to be the next Xenergy spokesmodel for Xyience. Check It Out and Vote!..
  • April 25, 2007–OVW TV Tapings: Serena, Victoria and Maryse defeated Katie Lea, Beth Phoenix and Sosay in a dark match!
  • Model:
  • Summer 2009: Sosay is currently the demo representative and model for the nutrition company Dymatize in Miami, FL..
  • October 2009: Sosay is now working with another nutrition company based out of Colorado called AXIS LABS..
  • ~~~Working as a demo/agent representative for all of South Florida. Only rep in South Florida for the account..
  • September 2010: Jenny Kaiser worked with LABRADA and MET RX as a demonstration model and associate..
  • ~~~Jenny Kaiser says she will be returning to Ohio Valley Wrestling some time in the near future..
  • Ohio Valley Wrestling:

Sosay Independant Wrestling:

  • June 15, 2013–PWE: SoSay and Tony Atlas defeated Melanie Cruise and Robo De Luna.
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Social Media


Trained By

Windy City Pro Wrestling
OVW Training


April 2003


January 6








128 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Kaiser Kick

Favorite Move(s)

Kaiser Roll Up

Notable Feuds

Maria Kanellis
Shelly (Martinez)
(Joey) Mercury