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Ted Arcidi

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Ted Arcidi made the jump from powerlifting to wrestling..
  • Wrestlemania II: Ted Arcidi competed in the Battle Royal, which was won by Andre The Giant..
  • Ted Arcidi was known as the “World’s Strongest Man”
  • Ted Arcidi also made his way through Stampede Wrestling in Calgary and World Class in Dallas..
  • Ted Arcidi is a proud member of the Wrestlecrap Hall of Shame..
  • Ted Arcidi runs a Women’s gym and sells cardio equipment in a business he owns in Manchester, New Hampshire..
  • Ted Arcidi also sells and resells used fitness equipment..
  • Ted Arcidi had been selling his own line of sublingual liquid supplements for powerlifters and bodybuilders..
  • Ted Arcidi has appeared in several independent films, more on that can be learned from the Internet Movie Data Base..
  • 2010: Ted Arcidi played a supporting role as boxing promoter Lou Gold in the movie “The Fighter” starring Mark Walberg..



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June 16, 1958


Nashua, New Hampshire




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