Terry Bryant

Title History


  • Mid-South Tag Team titles w/Kevin Northcutt (January of 1999);
  • NWA SouthWest Tag Team titles w/Malek Avalon (April 30, 2004);
  • OSW Tag Team titles w/Stan Sweetan ();
  • Ground Zero Pro Entertainer of The Year (2005);


Career Highlights


  • 1998-1999: Terry Bryant was a Power Lifter for Nicholls State University ..
  • Terry Bryant was his trainer’s (Junk Yard Dog) Tag Team partner from 1998 until his passing..
  • Terry Bryant received his name from the Junk Yard Dog only minutes before a live television taping..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The name came from his favorite wrestler as a kid – Terry Taylor..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Also being from Alabama (Alabama Football = Paul “Bear” Bryant)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hence the name Terry Bryant.
  • Terry Bryant first appeared with World Championship Wrestling because friends the Barbarian & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan snuck him into the arena and convinced Jimmy Hart to put him in the WCW Saturday Night line-up!
  • 2000: Terry Bryant had an audition with Dwayne “Sarge” Bruce of the WCW Power Plant training facility..
  • Independents: Terry Bryant is well known in Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana..
  • Terry Braynt was offered the position of Character Development Trainer at Roddy Pipers school in Portland by Lynn Denton.