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Terry Bryant

Title History


  • Mid-South Tag Team titles w/Kevin Northcutt (January of 1999);
  • NWA SouthWest Tag Team titles w/Malek Avalon (April 30, 2004);
  • OSW Tag Team titles w/Stan Sweetan ();
  • Ground Zero Pro Entertainer of The Year (2005);


Career Highlights


  • 1998-1999: Terry Bryant was a Power Lifter for Nicholls State University ..
  • Terry Bryant was his trainer’s (Junk Yard Dog) Tag Team partner from 1998 until his passing..
  • Terry Bryant received his name from the Junk Yard Dog only minutes before a live television taping..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The name came from his favorite wrestler as a kid – Terry Taylor..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Also being from Alabama (Alabama Football = Paul “Bear” Bryant)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hence the name Terry Bryant.
  • Terry Bryant first appeared with World Championship Wrestling because friends the Barbarian & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan snuck him into the arena and convinced Jimmy Hart to put him in the WCW Saturday Night line-up!
  • 2000: Terry Bryant had an audition with Dwayne “Sarge” Bruce of the WCW Power Plant training facility..
  • Independents: Terry Bryant is well known in Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana..
  • Terry Braynt was offered the position of Character Development Trainer at Roddy Pipers school in Portland by Lynn Denton.



Social Media


Trained By

Junk Yard Dog


February 17, 1997


September 17, 1978






216 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

The Pickle Tickle

Favorite Move(s)

Winding Elbow
White Russian Leg Sweep
The Goozle

Notable Feuds

The Public Enemy
Kevin Northcutt
One Man Gang