Title History

  • ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) Streetfight Tag Team titles (Big Daddy Adams & Rhino Richards) ();

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Career Highlights

  • Fall 1997 – ICW: Big Daddy Adams joined THUG LIFE faction whose members included some of wrestling’s future stars.
  • December 20, 1997 – ICW: THUG LIFE (Legend/Hardcastle/Cage/Adams) attacked Al Snow, Blue Meanie & Ric Matrix..
  • December 21, 1997 – MWCW: THUG LIFE (Legend/Hardcastle/Cage/ Adams) interupted main event of the evening..
  • ~~~The main event was between DBA/Ric Matrix vs BWO (Super Nova/Blue Meanie) and they attacked all four men..
  • May 1998 – ICW: Big Daddy Adams formed a tag team with Rhino Richards as part of THUG LIFE and won the Tag Team titles..
  • June 1998 – ICW: Big Daddy Adams & Rhino lost the tag titles and THUG LIFE turned against Rhino afterwards..
  • ~~~with Sexton Hardcastle & Christian Cage went to the WWF and Rhino & Legend going full-time to Europe..
  • ~~~~~Big Daddy Adams left ICW and THUG LIFE disbanded..