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Tiger Mask

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Title History

  • NWA World Middleweight title defeating Ringo Mendoza (September 9, 1979);
  • WWF Junior Heavyweight title defeating Dynamite Kid for vacant title (January 1, 1982);
  • NWA World Junior Heavyweight title (May 1982);
  • WWF Junior Heavyweight title defeating Black Tiger (May 26, 1982);
  • NWA World Junior Heavyweight title defeating Kuniaki Kobayashi for vacant title (June 2, 1983);
  • WWF Junior Heavyweight title defeating Fishman for vacant title (June 12, 1983);

Career Highlights

Debut in New Japan Pro Wrestling

  • November 24, 1957: Satoru Sayama was born in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan..
  • May 28, 1976: Satoru Sayama made his wrestling debut being defeated by Shouji Kai..

Tiger Mask

  • Antonio Inoki created the “Tiger Mask” character and asked Satoru Sayama to play the character..
  • April 23, 1981: Tiger Mask (Sayama) defeated Dynamite Kid in Tokyo to ignite a legendary feud..
  • Tiger Mask held the WWWF and NWA Junior Heavyweight titles..


  • 1984: Satoru Sayama jumped to the UWF, where he was not allowed to use the Tiger Mask gimmick..


  • Satoru Sayama walked away from the wrestling world after becoming disenchanted with the industry..
  • September 1985-96: Satoru Sayama was inactive as a wrestler..

More Sayama

  • Satoru Sayama invented countless manuevers and set the standard for junior heavyweight wrestling in Japan..
  • Satoru Sayama paved the way for wrestlers such as Jushin Lyger, Ultimo Dragon, Great Sasuke etc..
  • Satoru Sayama eventually aquired the rights to the “Tiger Mask” name and gimmick..
  • May 1996: Satoru Sayama was inducted into the Puroresu Hall of Fame..

Real Japan Pro Wrestling

  • Satoru Sayama opened a promotion called “Real Japan Pro Wrestling”..
  • May 2005: Satoru Sayama returned to Mexico for a tour..
  • June 9 2005–Real Japan Pro Wrestling: Shinjiro Otani defeated Super Tiger (Satoru Sayama)..
  • March 10, 2006–RJPW: The ORIGINAL Tiger Mask defeated Naomichi Marufuji in the main event.

Social Media


Trained By

New Japan Dojo


May 28, 1976 (as Satoru Sayama)


November 27, 1957


Yamaguchi, Japan




Finishing Move(s)

Diving Headbutt

Favorite Move(s)

Tiger Spin
Cross Body Block
Bow and Arrow
Tiger Suplex

Notable Feuds

Dynamite Kid