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Tim Geohagen

Title History


  • Canadian Tag Team titles w/Pat Barrett defeating Ivan Kameroff & Art Nelson (November 8, 1965);
  • Canadian Tag Team titles w/Pat Barrett defeating The Black Terror & John Tolos (February 28, 1966);


Career Highlights


  • November 28 1960 in Vancouver Canada Tim Geohagen beat Viking Morse
  • June 2 1972 in Atlanta Georgia Tim Geohagen beat Rocket Monroe with the sleeper
  • June 18, 1963: Tim Geohagen defeated Jack Bence in Macon, Georgia
  • June 19, 1963: Tim Geohagen defeated Tito Kopa in Columbus Gerrgia
  • June 21, 1963: Tim Geohagen won a 7 man Battle Royal in Atlanta Georgia
  • ~~~Participants: Silento Rodriguez, Jack Bence, Bill Dromo, Derrel Cochran, and Corsica Joe
  • May 19, 1967: Tim Geohagen & Mr. Wrestling defeated Bozo Brown & Oki Shikina in Atlanta
  • May 26, 1967: Tim Geohagen defeated Oki Shikina in Atlanta, Georgia
  • June 2, 1967: Tim Geohagen defeated Ron Garvin.in Atlanta, Georgia
  • June 17, 1967: Sat & Butcher Vachon defeated Tim Geohagen & Mr Wrestling on Atlanta TV
  • January 22, 1968: Tim Geohagen vs. Paul Demarco ended in a draw in Columbus, Georgia
  • January 26, 1968: Tim Geohagen & Johnny Walker defeated Oki Shikina & Karl Von Stroheim in Atlanta
  • February 13, 1968: Hans Schmidt defeated Tim Geohagen in Atlanta, Georgia
  • August 9 1968: Tim Geohagen & Mario Galento defeated Joe Turco & Guillotine Gordon
  • November 30, 1969: Buddy Fuller defeated Tim Geohagen in Atlanta, Georgia
  • December 26, 1969: Tim Geohagen defeated Mike Burns in Atlanta
  • December 27, 1969: Nick Bockwinkel won a very close match from Tim Geohagen on Atlanta TV
  • January 10, 1970: Tim Geohagen defeated Mike Burns in Atlanta, Georgia
  • January 21, 1970: Tim Geohagen defeated Sejii Sakaguchi in Atlanta, Georgia
  • May 29, 1970: Tim Geohagan refereed a match between Nick Bockwinkel and Joe Scarpa for the Georgia TV title..
  • ~~~Tim Geohagan declared the match no contest and restrained Nick Bockwinkel with a sleeper..
  • ~~~Nick Bockwinkel challenged both Joe Scarpa & Tim Geohagen. This took place in Atlanta..
  • June 5, 1070: Nick Bockwinkel defeated Joe Scarpe in Atlanta, Georgia (he went on to face Tim Geohagen in a 2nd match)..
  • ~~~Nick Bockwinkel was blacking out from Tim Geohagens sleeper hold when Joe Scarpa interfered for a disqualification..
  • October 2, 1970: Mr. Ito & The Great Ota defeated Tim Geohagen & Bob Armstrong in Atlanta
  • November 20, 1970: Tim Geohagen defeated Sabu Singh in Atlanta
  • December 4, 1970: Tim Geohagen defeated Jesse James in Atlanta
  • January 23, 1971: Michel Dudois & Fidel Castillo beat Silento Rodriguez & Tim Geohagen on Atlanta TV
  • February 13, 1971: Michel Dubois & Fidel Castillo beat Roberto Soto & Tim Geohagen in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • March 1972: Klondike Bill & Tim Geohagen defeated Rocket & Flash Monroe by reversed decision
  • ~~~~~~~~~~After the Monroes continued to stomp Tim Geohagan after getting the pin in Atlanta
  • March 14, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated the Champ (Alvero Velesco) in Macon, Georgia..
  • March 24, 1972: Karl Von Strohiem defeated Tim Geohagen in Atlanta, Georgia
  • April 14, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Karl Von Strohiem in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • May 12, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Mr X (Doug Scoggins) in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • May 13, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Oki Shikina on Atlanta TV
  • May 16, 1972: Beppo Mongol & Mr X (Doug Scoggins) beat John L. Sullivan & Tim Geohagen in Macon, Georgia
  • May 19, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Karl Von Stroheim in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • May 26, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Oki Shikina in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • May 27, 1972: Tim Geohagen issued a challenge to fans to break his sleeper hold on Atlanta TV
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Geohagen had done this in many cities and never had anyone break it..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The first man was knocked out immediately. but the second broke the hold..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Geohagen even put the hold on twice and the fan got out again.
  • ~~~He was identified as Jim McKinney and the $1000 dollars he won breaking the hold paid for his wrestling training.
  • ~~~Jim McKinney would be trained by Tim Geohagen – – – Apparently this was a real situation.
  • June 2 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Rocket more in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • July 8, 1972: The Assassins defeated Tim Geohagen & George Grant on Atlanta TV..
  • ~~~Tim Geohagen submitted for Grant whose arm was being stomped repeatedly in a hammerlock..
  • July 15, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated The Champ on Atlanta TV
  • July 22, 1972: Tim Geohagen & The Avenger (Francisco Flores) defeated Joe Tuner & Blll Bowman on Atlanta TV
  • August 1972: Tim Geohagen drew Wayne Cowen in Savannah, Georgia
  • August 4, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Bill Bowman by DQ in Atlanta, Georgia
  • August 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Rocket Monroe in Macon, Georgia
  • August 26, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Wayne Cowen in about 2 minutes on Atlanta TV..
  • ~~~Tim caught him in mid air throwing a dropkick and turning it to a Boston Crab for the win..
  • October 20, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Pedro Godoy in Atlanta, Georgia
  • November 3, 1972: Tim Geohagen defeated Juan Caruso in Atlanta, Georgia
  • November 10, 1972: Tim Geohagan and pupil Jim Mckinney were the first two men thrown out of an 18 man battle royal in Atlanta
  • ~~~As per the rules of the battle match, Tim Geohagan & Jim McKinney were then slated to wrestle each other on the card..
  • ~~~Jim Mckinney once again broke Geohagen’s sleeper only to fall victim to the small package (shook hands to huge ovation).
  • November 17, 1972: Wayne Cowen & Tim Geohagen defeated Rocket Monroe & Skandar Akbar in Atlanta
  • November 24, 1972–All South Wrestling Alliance (first show): Rock Hunter defeated Tim Geohagan in Atlanta.
  • 1973–ASWA: Guillotine Gordon defeated Tim Geohagan by using illegal karate in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • Tim Geohagen ran a Holistic Health Center and was an excellent Yoga teacher in Black Mountain, North Carolina..
  • Tim Geohagen was considered and expert on Hatha and Kundelini Yoga, nutrition, and even Astrology and Tarot.
  • 1998: Tim Geohagen passed away at the age of 75..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: On March 27, 1970 – Tim Geohagen & Greg Peterson were to be the first team to wrestle Buddy Colt and his mystery partner. The mystery partner no-showed and they ended up losing to Buddy Colt and Homer O’Dell. (O’Dell bragged he won single handed-well he applauded Colt when Buddy saved him). The partner incidentally turned out to be Karl Von Strohiem.


DAVID wrote: Apparently there was bad feelings between Duke Keomuka and Timothy Geohagen and they had a loser leaves town fight at the north side colliseum in Ft Worth, Texas. I do not remember the date. I was at ringside and I saw Duke beat the living crap out of Geohagen. He was a bloody mess and had to be carried from the ring. I never saw or heard about him again. As I best recall, the referree was Leo Voss. I noticed that other wrestlers came from the dressing room to watch. This was to me a sure sign that it was the real thing, and not just entertainment.


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Trained By




Born & Raised in Ireland
Lived in North Carolina




Finishing Move(s)

Master of the Sleeper Hold

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

John Tolos
Nick Bockwinkel
Mr X (Scoggins)
Rocket Monroe
Skandar Akbar
Duke Keomuka
Flash Monroe
Karl Von Strohiem
Bill Bowman
Joe Turner