Tracey Fitt

Title History


  • IWA Australia Women’s title (4);


Career Highlights


  • November 1999: Tracey Seckold entered the IWA training camp led by Mark Mercedes..
  • February 2000: Tracey Seckold debuted in the IWA (as Persia) managing Iranian Mehdi Basiri..
  • May 2001: Persia toured the South Pacific with the IWA promotion..
  • August 2003: Miss Fitt debuted at Wonderland Sydney amid the controversial departure of Persia..
  • November 2003: Miss Fitt wrestled fellow IWA performer Madison on the Australian Supershow..
  • January 2005: Miss Fitt won her 4th IWA womans title defeating Madison and Gerri Ford in a 3-WAY..