Title History


Career Highlights


  • Vyper is also a current Model and was the Centerfold for FSM (Fighting Spirit Magazine) February 2008 Issue
  • Vyper was also in the “Open Mic” Section of the February 2008 FSM (Fighting Spirit Magazine) Magazine..
  • Vyper was entered in the Miss UXW Contest and entered in the Bobbi Billard Calendar Contest of 2008..
  • Vyper will be posing as Princess Peach from the Nintendo Creators in an Upcoming Nintendo Power Magazine..
  • Vyper will have her posters along with calendars & merchandise being sold all over the County in Spencer’s Gifts
  • November 2007: Vyper was offered a three picture spread in Playboy Magazine – but turned it down..Professional Wrestling:
  • December 2004: Vyper made her Professional Wrestling debut..
  • June 2007: Vyper worked along side “Goldust” at a UXW show against Sabu..
  • Vyper has valeted for Lou Cypher many times to help him win all his matches…