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Wojo the BC Hulk


Title History


Career Highlights

  • Adam Yawrenko played basketball for a community college in Washington State and also played for the U of BC Thunderbirds.
  • Adam Yawrenko was introduced into wrestling by Vancouver fight commissioner Davey Brown..
  • Adam Yawrenko was trained by All Star Wrestling promoter Al Tomko based out of Vancouver..
  • Adam Yawrenko was groomed and mentored by Moose Morowski and Paddy Ryan..
  • January 9, 1984: Adam Yawrenko defeated Precious Peter Flowers in his pro debut and also won a Battle Royal..
  • Adam Yawrenko was given the name “Wojo” as an attempt to capitalize on his Ukranian background..
  • ~~~~The “B.C. Hulk” part was an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Hulk Hogan at the time..
  • ~~~~The name “Goliath” was the name he used as a heel while wrestling in South Africa..
  • Adam Yawrenko (as Goliath) was so convincing as a heel that he incited some riots in South Africa..
  • Adam Yawrenko kept a live bullet that was thrown into the ring as a souvenir from one of the wild shows in South Africa..
  • Adam Yawrenko’s career ended during a match in Vienna when he got a deep vein thrombosis and almost died in the ring..
  • ~~~Yawrenko had a blood clot come out of his leg, through his lungs, and into his heart..
  • Adam Yawrenko spent 28 days in a Vienna hospital and then was in therapy and took blood thinners for eight months..
  • ~~~This medical problem ended what could have been a very good career as he had made some contact with the WWF before this..
  • Though his career ended in Austria it is where he met his wife, Barb, who visited him every day while he was in the hospital..

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January 9, 1984


October 19, 1957


Vancouver, British Columbia





315 lbs

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