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Woody Farmer

Title History


  • NWA Western States Tag Team title w/Bobby Duncum defeating The Beast & Bulldog Brower (April 8, 1971 in Amarillo);
  • California State Heavyweight title defeating Mike York (January 30, 1982 in Bakersfield);


Career Highlights


  • Woody Farmer had a wrestling school out of the Bay Area where he trained Mike Lockwood (aka Crash Holly (RIP))
  • June 24, 2006–Bay Area Wrestling: 71 year old Woody Farmer teamed up with his son Rex (Shane Kody), and grandson (Riot)..
  • ~~~The Ballards & Aaron Aguilera beat Woody Farmer & Shane Kody (Woody’s son Rex Farmer) & Riot (Woody’s grandson) by DQ..
  • February 24, 2007–IBAWF: Woody Farmer & Shane Kody & Riot defeated Boom Boom Comini & Johnny Starr & Mr. Frost…

    Dale Pierce wrote: Woody Farmer had a longrunning with Tito Montez in Arizona, meeting in many gimmick bouits such as lumberjack bouts, cage bouts and other encoutners, where he kept running out of the ring to the dressing room as he was about to lose. He even climbed out of the cage (In Az. cage bouts usually ended only when someone was pinned, so going “over the top” was meaningless). Finally Montez won a bout where they were handcuffed together in the ring. Woody Farmer later became a top baby in Phoenix when he was turned on by partner Jody Arnold and launched into a new feud with him.


Farmer, like Pepper Gomez, took pride in his cast-iron stomach muscles and would occasionally allow fans to punch him in the stomach as he tightened his muscles, stopping their fists dead. As one fan commented, “It was like hitting a brick wall.”


Social Media


Trained By







Finishing Move(s)

Stomping Headlock

Favorite Move(s)

The Bearhug
Front Facelock

Notable Feuds

Tito Montez
Cowboy Bob Yuma
Jody Arnold
The Infernos
Bobby Hart
Mr O Kuma
Masio Koma