Zeke Rivers

Title History

Career Highlights

  • Zeke Rivers managed Brian Christopher in the USWA, and also feuded with Jeff Jarrett.
  • Zeke Rivers wrestled and managed with a “Freddy (Krueger)” gimmick in AAW and Central All-Star Wrestling.
  • Late 2006: Zeke Rivers opened a Pro Wrestling School called “Extreme Wrestling Alliance” in Natchez, Mississippi.

    Anonymous wrote: Zeke Rivers was trained by Don Bass, and debuted in 1988. He managed Brian Christopher in the USWA, and they feuded with Jeff Jarrett. Rivers had his head shaved at the Mid South Coliseum by Jarrett after he put his hair up vs Jarrett’s USWA belt and Brian Christopher lost the match….. He also managed Don Bass in Central All-Star Wrestling, as well as Jeff Gaylord, Grim Reaper, and Cleo Reeves…