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Chris Hero   Necro Butcher


Pro Wrestling Syndicate 9/7 in Garfield, NJ: Necro/Hero vs Samoa Joe/Kingston

From Nate Stein:
What are Nate Stein’s action picks for Pro Wrestling Syndicate at the Garfield Boys & Girls Club, 490 Midland Ave in Garfield, NJ on Saturday, September 7 at 7:30 pm?
* Danny Demanto vs. Kenny Omega
The debuting Omega is ready to make his impact felt, but it’s doubtful the loud mouth Danny Demanto will let make it that easy for the PWS rookie.  I think Demanto’s going to wipe the floor with Omega.
* WSU Women’s Title Match: champion Alica vs. Talia
When these gorgeous women lock up, they are going to battle it out for WSU gold.  Some people would say Alicia as champion has more to lose, but I think Talia wants to show everyone she can take out anyone, even the WSU Women’s champion.  However, I think New Jersey’s one & only superstar, Alicia, will walk away with the title.
* “The Genius” Lanny Poffo vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal
Ohhh-yeah, can you dig this one?  On TNA, Mr. Jay Lethal has hit a chord with fans using his “Black Machismo”.  But “The Genius” Lanny Poffo, the brother of the original “Macho Man” is aiming to show it takes more than “Machismo” to take care of business in the ring.  Mr. Lethal won’t be able to compete with the intellect & experience of “The Genius”.
* Crowbar vs. Michael Sain
For those who missed the psychotic Michael Sain’s onslaught at PWS’s June debut, be prepared for the massacre he plans to bring to Crowbar on September 7.  But Crowbar is no stranger to the ring and is known for his own brand of insane intensity.  I think Sain is missing the conscience of Crowbar and will do anything it takes to pull out a victory…whatever the cost.
* Justin Credible vs. Reckless Youth in a Two out of Three Falls Match
In June, we saw Credible defeat Reckless Youth after Reckless used every dirty trick to try to pull out his own victory.  But it was Reckless claiming that he was cheated out of a win.  Credible could tear about anyone in the ring he wanted to, but the technical advantage definitely goes in the column of Reckless Youth.  Now with Reckless’s own evil intentions glaring out, I think Credible will be meeting his match next weekend.
* The Zombie vs. Paul E. Normous
Now here are two behemoths not many would want to bump into in a dark alley, let alone step into the ring with.  But will the monster Paul E. Normous take out the most talked about monster from the new ECW’s debut on Sci-Fi?  I’m gonna stand strong on my call for Paul E. Normous to pull out the win with his power over the unfocused insanity of The Zombie.
* Abyss vs. Steve Mack
The Monster Abyss vs. New Jersey’s own hardest hitter, Steve Mack.  Garfield will feel the thunder as these two go blow for blow.  I think Mack will definitely let Abyss feel his presence, but it’ll be Abyss standing tall at the end of this one.
* Sabu vs. Trent Acid
“The International Superstar” Trent Acid has made his intentions clear.  He’s wants to trailblaze a path straight through Sabu on his way to the top of PWS.  But he’s going toe-to-toe with SABU!  We know Sabu will go to the limit of his wrestling ability, but Trent Acid knows there are more ways to pull out a victory…even against someone death defying.  My surprise call is for Trent Acid to walk away the winner.
* No DQ: Necro Butcher & Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston & Samoa Joe
One thing is for sure, Eddie Kingston is in for some trouble.  At PWS’s June event, PWS Commissioner Necro Butcher & Chris Hero pulled their power together & set up Kingston with a match against Samoa Joe.  Will Joe really be able to put aside his differences with Kingston?  You have Hero’s wrestling ability and Necro’s ability to rip someone a new one.  Here’s the tricky call.  I think it’ll be Necro & Hero with the win, but not before Joe gets in some licks of his own.
* More news: I’m understanding that not only have Rocksha 337 + The Voice have purchased tickets to this event, also on hand will be but Hot 97 FM’s Peter Rosenberg, & myself,  as well as former ECW title holder who will make his presence felt.