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PWU “Crazy 8” Results From Biggest Crowd in PWU HistoryPWU “Crazy 8” Results From Biggest Crowd in PWU History; 2 Cold Wins Belt, Sandman, Joey Matthews, Burt Ward, Test, & More ProWrestlingUnplugged.com


In front of over one-thousand people on Saturday night, Pro Wrestling Unplugged presented the mega event “The Crazy 8”.

* Monday Night Mayhem’s Crazy Tailg8 Party kicked off the action as fans were able to meet & greet with The Nasty Boyz, Joey Matthews, Sunny, 2 Cold Scorpio, and more PWU stars before the Crazy 8 event.

* Pro Wrestling Unplugged started the night off honoring “Sensational” Sherri Martel.

* Lucky defeated JC Ryder, TJ Cannon, and Bruce Maxwell in a high intensity four way dance.

All four men had a flurry of action, until Maxwell was sent flying after a leg lariat. Lucky and Ryder started on each other, until they flew over the top, diving on Maxwell and Cannon on the outside.  The action was intense, including a corkscrew suplex from Maxwell that Jake Black called “a Photoshop Suplex; so unbelievable, it couldn’t be real” and a JC Ryder neckbreaker from the top to Maxwell.  After Maxwell and Cannon hit Ryder with a splash/double stomp combo from the top, Lucky slid in for a pin on JC Ryder!

* Z-Barr and Helter Skelter with Sunny defeated The Nasty Boyz by DQ after the ref found a chain on Brian Knobbs.

The crowd favorite Nasty Boyz started by overpowering Z-Barr, even giving him The Pit Stop (driving his face to the underarm of Jerry Sags) and laying him out with a double tackle.  Skelter tagged in to get Sags in his corner where Z-Barr blindsided him with a chained fist.  While Z-Barr taunts Knobbs, Saggs ends up beating the hell out of Skelter, slamming him though the announce table.  With the ref distracted, Sunny threw a chain to Z-Barr, caught by Knobbs, knocking out Z-Barr for the win.  But the ref found the chain and reversed the decision, but got a Pit Stop for his troubles.

* In in-ring debut at PWU, Eddie Kingston defeated Brandon Thomaselli.

Eddie Kingston took early control with a variety of suplexes, until Thomaselli turned the tables with some stiff forearms, until layed out by a big lariat.  Both men traded hard hitting strong-style chops and forearms.  After hitting a series of brutal spinning backchops, Eddie Kingston hits a backdrop driver and covers Thomaselli for the pin.

* The Bosom Buddies (Teddy Fine and Drew Blood) defeated The Iron Saints (Sal and Vito Thomaselli), only for Fine to be attacked by The Best Around (TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell)

The New Alhambra was on their feet for Blood and Fine, who were blindsided by The Iron Saints.  But the Buddies turned the tables, throwing The Saints out of the ring.  Fine powerbombed Blood to the outside onto The Iron Saints. The Saints fought back, gaining control on Blood, attempting to destroy his shoulder.  Drew was able to hit Vito with an enzugiri and tag in Fine, who layed out both Saints.  Fine hit Vito with The Can Opener for the win!   But before a celebration, Fine was attacked by ‘The Best Around’, TJ Cannon and
Bruce Maxwell, who ran off after Blood made the save.

* The Sandman and Johnny Grunge were inducted in the New Alhambra Arena Hardcore Hall of Fame in an emotional ceremony.

* Amy Lee w/ The Mad Doctor retained the PWU Women’s Title after a crushing defeat of Annie Social and is run off by Test!

Amy went instantly on the attack, laying out Social with a forearm.  After a huge clothesline, a big slam, and a splash, she pinned Annie Social!  Annie is clutching her throat and looks hurt.  Lee says no one has the testicles to face her…and out comes TEST!  Test sends The Mad Doctor through the ropes with a clothesline, while Lee runs for it.  Test thanks Philadelphia for being the best wrestling fans in the world and putting “the real” ECW on the map, saying Vince, “who is still alive”, is killing the product today.

* After being knighted as “The New Batman” by Burt Ward (Robin from the original Batman TV series), Johnny Kashmere defeated Delirious with some help from Ward, despite the odd appearance of a masked Hellfire with a band of hoodies.

Kashmere started off saying he was like a kid at Christmas being accompanied by one of his childhood heroes, Burt Ward.  Ward knighted Kashmere with Kashmere’s own baseball bat, naming him “The New Batman”.  As Delirious came to the ring, a masked KJ Hellfire followed with a handful of masked goons called “Hoodies”. Delirious and Kashmere locked up, trading punches and chops. Kashmere hits a spear out of the corner, flipping Delirious inside out. After battling in and out of the ring, Kashmere missed a dropkick, allowing Delirious to lock in a figure four.  The “Hoodies” then made their way to Ward, only stopped by Dewey Donovan and Jimmy Clydesdale, dressed as Robin! Kashmere reversed the figure four, then climbed to the top rope where he hit a flipping senton to the outside onto the goons!  As Kashmere got back in, Delirious hit The Panic Attack followed by The Shadows Over Hell.  But “The
New Batman” kicked out!  Ward entered the ring and blocked a punch from Delirious, hitting him with a shot of his own & repeated high knees to the chest!  Ward then sent Delirious into Kashmere, who hits the Cradle Breaker for the pin!

* Messiah defeated Adam Flash via count-out, but announced next month Flash won’t be able to escape as it will be Messiah vs. Flash in a steel cage when PWU returns on July 28.

For months, Adam Flash and Messiah have been gunning for each other, fighting inside and outside of the Arena, with Flash even interfering via the New Alhambra Tron in one of Messiah’s matches.  Flash started by attacking Messiah from behind, but Messiah fought back with some stiff crossfaces, then hit a powerful flapjack neckbreaker on Flash.  Messiah missed a chair shot when Flash rolled to the outside.  But Flash walked away and was counted out. Messiah wasn’t having it and let Flash know he came for a fight, and next
month, Flash can’t run when it’s Messiah vs. Flash in a steel cage!

* ”The Southern Stomper” Luke Hawx defeated Team P.I.T. member Aramis and the debuting “Fabulous” Jon McChesney.

Luke Hawx started the match, hitting McChesney with vicious chops, only to be laid out by a “Fabulous” dropkick.  After doubleteaming Luke, Aramis and McChesney squared off until Fabulous hit an unbelievable dive to Hawx on the outside.   Luke threw McChesney into a guardrail, then locked Aramis in a Boston Crab until Fabulous dropkicked Hawx in the back. The three went toe-to-toe until Aramis hit Luke with his sunset flip followed by a legdrop. But Hawx came back with a running suplex and a springboard legdrop on McChesney, but was caught by a Tornado DDT from Aramis.  McChesney hit Aramis with a modified cradlebreaker, but Luke knocked him out of the ring, stealing the pin!

* All Money Is Legal retain the PWU Tag Team Titles over The SAT in a Last Blood Match, but the feud continues as SAT challenges AMIL to a steel cage match on July 28.

Originally an Ironmen Match, The SAT said they wanted blood from All Money Is Legal and wanted the match to be First Blood Rules.  Both teams beat the hell out of each other!  AMIL pull off a victory, but The SAT claimed All Money used ketchup to fool the referee! The SAT then challenged All Money Is Legal to a Steel Cage Match on July 28.

* “The Complete” Pete Hunter w/ “The REAL Pitbull” Gary Wolfe defeated Joey Matthews.

Matthews started by telling the packed house he knew they were there to see him and should be bowing to him.  The crowd instead showed support for Team P.I.T. member “The Complete” Pete Hunter.  After back and forth armdrags and hiptosses, Hunter hit a big dropkick, sending Matthews outside.   Matthews pushed Hunter into a corner, but Hunter exploded out of the corner with a Thesz Press. After a cheap shot took Pete down, Matthews began tearing into Hunter’s leg and locked in a boston crab. When Matthews went for another crab, Hunter kicked him off and hit furious punches, big clotheslines, and a huge powerslam.  But Pete was stopped on the top rope by Matthews, who hit a
superplex.  Hunter tried to build back, but his legs were suffering.   Matthews tried to go for the kill, but Pete rolled up Matthews for the win!   Matthews attacked Hunter with a chair, but hightailed it once Gary Wolf entered the ring and grabbed the chair.

* In The Crazy 8 match, 2 Cold Scorpio regains the PWU World Heavyweight Title against Devon Moore and Detox.

The structure where the PWU Title is hung in the rafters and filled by steel cages, six rope swings, tables, chain ladders, and more, is truly unpredictable.  Swinging from the rafters and jumping from the top of a cage is no exact science.  It’s an experience the athletes in the match can’t even plan strategy for until they are in the moment, swinging in mid air.   The
match started by Scorpio gaining an early advantage, hitting stiff elbows. But Devon Moore and Detox took him down with a double back suplex from the top.  Moore was first to use the rope swings, hitting Scorpio with a swinging Dead End elbow in the corner.  Detox hit Scorpio with a hurricanrana to the outside and after swinging to the cage, Devon Moore hit both men with a flipping plancha.  After an amazing aerial display from Detox and Moore, Scorpio powerbombed Detox onto Moore, then slammed both in the  ring.   After
hitting an amazing moonsault, Scorpio went back up, destroying Detox with a flipping Leg drop.  Moore then used a rope swing to knock Scorpio to the floor.  Scorpio found his wind and went for the belt, but Detox bulldog him to the floor from the cage top.  Both men continued their assault, flying on the ropes and off the cages.  Moore and Detox moved from a plancha over the ropes by Scorpio, but Moore missed a shooting star press.  Scorpio then hit Detox with a moonsault from the apron.  Scorpio made it to the cage top, but is
knocked through a table on the floor by Moore.  Detox fought Moore on top of the cage, but is given a running suplex through a table on the floor.   Detox and Moore were both busted open by the high risk maneuver, allowing Scorpio time to climb to the rafters of the New Alhambra and grab the belt to reclaim the PWU World Heavyweight Title.

* PWU returns Saturday, July 27 at 7:30 pm.  Already announced:
– Sid Vicious makes his PWU debut
– Steel Cage Match #1 for the PWU Tag Team Titles: champions All Money Is Legal vs. The SAT
– Steel Cage Match #2: Messiah vs. Adam Flash

* ProWrestlingPress.com returns this Saturday, June 23 for “House and Kashmere’s Fan Jam 2” at 7:30 pm.  Already announced:
– XFC Graduation Match: Team P.I.T. (“Pitbull” Gary Wolf/”The Complete” Pete Hunter/Aramis) & Amy Lee vs. The XFC Class of 2007 (Eek the Nerd/Tommy Biz/Chris Ansert/Phil Bousche) w/ Jack Black
– Teacher vs. Student: Johnny Kashmere w/ John House vs. Detox
– Z-Barr vs. Joe Ettel
– Angus Brothers vs. Gemini Trojans
– Angel Gonzales vs. Crazii Shea
– Dameon Slugga vs. Kage w/ Poolshark
– Annie Social vs. Alere Little Feather
– KJ Hellfire vs. The Original Mercury
– Hot Dog Eating Contest sponsored by The New Alhambra Arena
– Also featuring Jimmy Kleidsdale, Krotch Stomp Kings, Dew Meanie, Stay Puff, Nate Stein, Missy Sampson, Dan “The Phan” Cowhey, & more