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Black and White

White Wrestler Yells ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ At Opponent, Sets Wrestling Back 40 Years


Pro Wrestling Sheet has obtained video shot this weekend of a white wrestler telling his African American opponent that “black lives don’t matter” during their match … and both of them surprisingly planned it beforehand.

While the rest of the country seems to be in a panic over current race relations, two wrestlers in St. Louis working for MMWA Wrestling decided to to use fake racism Saturday in their match.

As you’ll see in the video, the crowd is clearly bothered by Brandon Espinosa‘s expression — albeit not as much as they should have been — and he eventually won the match.

His opponent Mike Outlaw tells us, “It was definitely something we talked about beforehand. I know Espinosa personally and I’m willing to let things slide for the sake of wrestling.” We pushed him for further comment, but the wrestler didn’t respond to any more of our questions.

Watch the stupidity below.