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Robbie E

Each week, IMPACTwrestling.com will host a blog from Robbie E as he and Knockout Brooke journey across the globe on CBS’ The Amazing Race. You can follow their journey on Fridays at 8/7c on CBS and then come to IMPACTWrestling.com to get Robbie’s inside scoop!


It was an action packed episode of The Amazing Race this week!!! We started out in the Shetland Islands, mon (they say “mon” there, right?), where we learned to herd sheep and and speak Shetland! After a 13-hour ferry ride, we ended up in Denmark!! I never heard of it either, bro…

Anyway… We found our car and headed to Sweden, which is apparently different from Denmark, but whatever. Once in Sweden, we got our next clue and we chose to take a task that involved a bike ride. BRO, it was way harder than we thought… But, you know what? Brooke held the cake, Robbie did the driving… BRObbie tho!

After putting together a cake, we had a successful ride to deliver it and then we were off to memorize some orders at a restaurant — which I have to say: “Thank you, my perfect memory!” I dominated. I delivered those orders like only Robbie E could. I am the best waiter (not waitress) in all of Sweden. Try me, bro!

The mother and daughter team were arguing the whole time too, bro! It was distracting… And I thought Brooke was tough to deal with sometimes… Bottom line is… #TheWrestlers finished in 2nd place, bro!!! How do you say “We’re the best, bro!” in Denmark? What about Swedish? BRObbie tho!

See you next week…. in Africa!!!

Check out Episode 4 of The Amazing Race NOW at CBS.com!