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Rated O Radio – Episode 49 Recap (01/31/2008)

transcribed by: Andrew Gray

Segment #1 – Tha O’s and No’s
Before Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o get to tha O’s and No’s this week, they start off with a high spot: a celebration of Fatty Fronte’s 24th birthday! How do we celebrate birthdays on Tha O Show? With knife-edge chops, of course! Each of the in-studio guests, Ontario Indy Superstars, Josh Alexander, Ethan Page, and the returning Miss Danyah get their shots in on the birthday boy.

This week, Donnie O’s for Fatty saying that he wants to become a worker, which leads to 30 seconds of laughter from everyone in the studio. There are also plenty of O’s and No’s for the Royal Rumble this week. First off, Donnie O’s for the hot MSG crowd. Both of the boys No for the increasingly meaningless #1 contender stipulation at the Royal Rumble, although Dan-e-o O’s for the video package that showed the history and statistics from past Royal Rumbles. Dan-e-o No’s for how scripted the Rumble match itself seemed, like when Jamie Noble immediately followed Chuck Palumbo.

Moving away from the Rumble, Donnie No’s for the 2 Elimination Chamber matches announced for the upcoming No Way Out PPV, and both of the boys explain how this could hurt both matches.

Donnie O’s for Dan-e-o getting hot at the Kofi Kingston promos he’d never seen before – Dan-e-o calls him the “fake Jamaican John Cena.” The segment ends with Donnie O’ing for Brock Lesnar‘s debut this Saturday at the UFC 81 PPV.

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Segment #2

In this segment, Donnie asks the in-studio guests a series of questions:

– Should the MSG crowd still be used as the barometer for how over a wrestler is?

– How do you deal with not getting the desired response from a crowd?

– Does Brock Lesnar’s involvement in UFC make you want to watch the product even more?

– Is the UFC’s cross-promotion with the WWE and TNA a good thing for UFC? Could it create a backlash from hardcore UFC fans who are already weary about a former pro wrestler being involved?

Also, Donnie suggests that John Cena has been working a heel-style for the past year or so, and that a negative response should be expected. Ethan Page chimes in by stating that Cena’s return at the Rumble was the biggest surprise in a long time – and Dan-e-o counters by saying that finding a turd on his pillow would be a surprise too, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

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Segment #3 – Tha Pit Stop

The Notorious T.I.D. is excited that the age old question of whether a pro wrestler can hang in the MMA world will be answered this Saturday. T.I.D. also gives his prediction on who will win the big fight and how the fight will be won, including in what round. Next, the Notorious One gives his thoughts on: the founder of UFC, Bob Meyrovitz, returning with a new promotion (including the return of the one-night tournament format);

Bobby Lashley potentially becoming an MMA fighter; and an upcoming show in England where Ken Shamrock, and his son Ryan, will be fighting on the same card. He also reveals what match involving Ken Shamrock that he would pay to see, as well as where Tito Ortiz should go once his contract with the UFC runs out.

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Segment #4 – Wrestling School with Textbook Tyson Dux

It’s the debut of “Wrestling School” on Tha O Show, and arguably the best worker in Ontario, Tyson Dux, has some advice for aspiring wrestlers, along with a match from which they can learn.

This week, Dux says fans need to watch Antonio Inoki vs. Yoshiaki Fujimara, and there’s a link to the match on www.thaoshow.com. Inoki and Fujimara show that having an amateur wrestling background is very helpful in the pro wrestling business, and that you don’t need high spots to get a crowd into a match.

Another crucial point is that the wrestlers are in no rush to start the match; they wait until fan anticipation is at its peak. Dux even picks out a spot in the match which he dislikes, and explains why. In two weeks, Dux will return to Tha O Show Radio with another match and more tips for aspiring wrestlers.

Check out www.myspace.com/tyson_dux to respond to Dux’s debut segment and to find out more about the one and only, Tyson Dux.

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Segment #5 – WrestleTrivia

It’s the return of everyone’s favourite game show, WrestleTrivia, and Ethan Page is in the hotseat this week.

For every wrong answer, Ethan Page must receive a knife edge chop to the chest from Josh Alexander! If Ethan Page gets shot-out (i.e., 0 for 5) then the amount of chops is doubled! Here are the questions:

1. Big John Studd was trained by what wrestling legend?

2. Stu Hart played for which CFL team?

3. The Undertaker (Mark Calloway) first wrestled Kane (Glen Jacobs) in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. What was Kane’s ring-name at that time?

4. Jake The Snake Roberts had a special celebrity in his corner at WrestleMania III. Who was it?

5. In what state did Mankind and The Rock have their “Halftime Heat” match?

Find out the answers and how many chops Page received at www.thaoshow.com

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Segment #6 – Tha Round Table
The panel starts by discussing Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and Sylvester Stallone’s open endorsement of its use.

This leads to Donnie and the workers giving their opinions on the controversial topic of drug use in pro wrestling. Dan-e-o also wonders if the move to HD could increase the use of drugs for cosmetic purposes. Another question proposed by Fatty: are house shows necessary when they slowly deteriorate the workers’ bodies? This week’s show ends with another birthday celebration for Fatty (which means more chops!) and this time, Donnie and Dan-e-o get in on the action too! And finally . . . . FINALLY Danyah flashes some skin!

Check back next week to www.thaoshow.com for another edition of Rated O Radio.