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Rated O Radio – Episode 50 Recap (02/07/2008)

transcribed by: Andrew Gray


Segment #1 – Tha O’s and No’s

Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o start off the show by introducing this week’s in-studio guest, Mexican star, current indy star, and the newest member of Tha O Show, Rico Montana – they also mention that T.J. (the show’s technical producer) brought a few ladies to the studio this week.

Dan-e-o’s first O of the week goes to T.J.’s ladies. Next, he O’s for Colin Delaney being on TV but No’s for his injury angle on ECW. His final No is for how predictable the segment was on Raw with the competitors in the Elimination Chamber match – it was obviously going to lead to a 6-man tag match, despite J.R.’s claim that the result was “unpredictable.” Donnie has a “fuckload” of No’s and only one O this week. He O’s for Living Legends Wrestling winning the award for 2007 Ontario Indy Promotion of the Year, and for the return of LLW on March 22nd. His No’s include:

* Cena being booked as the stronger man in his arm-wrestling contest with the supposed “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry – and Rico shares a story about being embarrassed as a worker when he watched the contest at the gym with a casual fan.

* Ontario indy wrestler Eddie Osbourne scaring a 4-yr old girl at a recent show and involving her in the match

* TNA offering retired college basketball coach Bobby Knight a position as “head coach” in the company

* The Phoenix Sun’s trade for Shaq, officially making them the “dumbest team in professional sports”

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Segment # 2 – Tha Pit Stop

Notorious T.I.D. starts off by telling us what we learned about Brock Lesnar in his match with Frank Mir and where the UFC goes from here. He also puts over the UFC 83 show in Montreal at the Bell Centre, calling it a “stacked card.” Not only does the show include the GSP-Matt Serra fight for the UFC Welterweight title, but also includes the likes of Rich Franklin, Michael Bisping, Travis Lutter and several Canadians. He says the pre-sale for the show has already sold 13 000 tickets! T.I.D. also announces the soon-to-be re-opened LLW gym, which will include training for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, pro and amateur wrestling, and more. The segment ends with Donnie and Dan-e-o sharing their story of watching UFC 81 at a bar in Toronto with the Flatliners and Rico Montana – and they share their thoughts on the Lesnar-Mir fight, including why Mir was the wrong choice as Lesnar’s first opponent.

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Segment #3 – Road Stories

Rico Montana shares a story this week, and it concerns a PWA show in Kitchener as well as one of last week’s in-studio guests, Ethan Page. Rico saw Page work for the first time, and when he returned backstage, Rico complimented him on his match. Page, though, was paranoid because he sensed a rib was coming (even though Rico wasn’t ribbing him). So Rico decided to run with it, and got Ontario indy star Hornet to join in on a rib. Rico told Page that he can get him booked in Mexico, but that he’d have to do certain favours . . . White Boy Humor Alert! After the road story, in some non-wrestling discussion, the boys talk about the Super Bowl, and get in some shots at Fatty too.


Everyone’s favourite game show, WrestleTrivia, returns for the second week in a row and Dan-e-o is in the hotseat this week. For every wrong answer, Dan-e-o receives a knife edge chop to the chest from Rico Montana! If Dan-e-o gets shout-out (ie, 0 for 5) then the amount of chops is doubled! Here are the questions:

* Name 3 previous gimmicks of Al Snow.

* Who did Buddy Rogers defeat to win the NWA title?

* Who did Dino Bravo wrestle in his last match?

* What is the shoot name of Junk Yard Dog?

* Who was the first and only man to hold the WWF North American championship?

Find out the answers and how many chops Dan-e-o received at www.thaoshow.com

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Segment #4

Donnie starts by saying that TNA is discussing the possibility of taping Impact live, on a bi-weekly basis. The show will be live every other Thursday, and the next week’s show will be taped the day after. The boys discuss why this change could upset the workers. Next, the girls, fresh off hotboxing the control room, get in on the discussion – which turns away from wrestling and moves to discussing the removal of clothing. Did the boys in the studio get lucky by seeing some skin two weeks in a row? You gotta listen to learn. And the segment finishes with Rico training one of the ladies, Ashley, on how to properly perform a chop – and Fatty is her training partner.

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Segment #5 – Tha Round Table

Donnie mentions that Congress is calling the Commissioners of the 4 major sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) to discuss their respective drug policies, and proposes 2 questions to the panel:

* Should wrestling be involved as well?

* Should Congress be getting involved at all?

Next, Rico explains why Congress shouldn’t be concerned with the use of steroids and HGH in pro wrestling or any sports for that matter. The next question that the panel tackles is: how can the WWE and TNA fix their lousy excuses for drug policies? The panel also discusses Paul Burchill’s incest angle which is set to debut next week on Raw – and this leads to the question of whether homophobia is an issue in wrestling locker rooms. And Donnie asks Rico how he would respond to a gay man in the dressing room. Finally, Donnie proposes how the fed could reduce costs substantially, while at the same time making a smart business move.

Check back next week to www.thaoshow.com for another edition of Rated O Radio!