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Interview Recap – Ravenby Andrew Pritchard

Raven joined In Your Head Wrestling Radio for a short time this week with Hosts Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards to plug Fog City Wrestling which he will be appearing on Saturday, 25th October 2008 in San Francisco, California at The DNA Lounge (Tickets are available at http://www.dnalounge.com/ and for any more information please check http://www.fogcitywrestling.com/)


When asked when was the last time he wrestled in San Francisco “I couldn’t tell you, San Francisco or California? I couldn’t tell you either”

When asked about if Raven knows anything about Alofa the Samoan Tank “Yeah, he’s tough” “Don’t bang your head in the stuff and kick em in the groin”

Raven was asked how he would rate his match with Flying Brian Pillman at The Great American Bash “The match with Pillman was awesome, but the finish I hated” “There was no reason to beat him clean”

When Raven was asked if it frustrated him that the ECW Fans would cheer him when he was a Heel “No, because whenever I would ever go past a couple of a people I would always do something to turn myself Heel again” “To me it was part of the Art form of being a Heel and would measure my skill” “If you get good at being Heel they are gonna start to like you whoever you are, because you are just that good and talented so that’s a compliment” “The real compliment becomes and the real test of skill becomes, can you still make them hate you enough to turn them anyway”

These are just a few highlights from the Interview

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