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Tully Blanchard & JJ DillonThe following was transcribed by Andy J of www.wrestlingweekly.com:

On July 24th, Wrestling Weekly host Doc Young and Les Thatcher were joined this week by featured guest James J Dillon.

Wrestling Weekly airs every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern at www.wrestlingweekly.com

Doc and Les discussed the following with JJ Dillon:

– The Cauliflower Alley Club’s NWA Wrestling Fanfest on August 10-12th in Charlotte where JJ will be attending a wrestling convention.

– The lasting memories which fans have of the Four Horsemen and pro-wrestling in general.

– JJ Dillon spoke in some detail about meeting the fans and talking with them, signing autographs and the Q&A sessions.

– JJ Dillon being on the WWE creative team and Court Bauer, who has left the ‘SmackDown!’ creative team.

– Chris Benoit, physiques in pro-wrestling which JJ highlighted that in WWE wrestlers need to have a “certain look” and states that because of this, “some of them have lost their originality”.

– Doc mentioned JJ being one of the top storyline writers for WWE, before becoming WCW Commissioner. Dillon replied saying that he began working for Titan Sports (WWF) in 1989 and that they had two syndicated shows (Superstars & Challenge) and three different groups of wrestlers touring. JJ continued by saying it was a challenge and that Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson were a “two man team” and he was invited to join them both.

– JJ noted that he started in the business as a referee for Vince McMahon Sr. and highlighted that he learned a lot working at WWE and have worked with wrestling promoters – Vince McMahon Jr. and Vince McMahon Sr., Jim Barnett, Jim Crockett Sr., Fritz Von Erich and Sam Muschnick. He continued by saying “going to New York was like going to graduate school, learning more…it was a great experience for me…”.

– Doc asked with today’s hectic schedule for WWE, would JJ Dillon have taken the same job today. Dillon responded by saying he wouldn’t because “the wrestling business is such a demanding business…you have to worry about twelve to sixteen guys on the card or if you’re in the front office…sixty to seventy wrestlers so it becomes a 24/7 job and that requires a lot of energy…”

– JJ making an appearance for Ring of Honor and talking about being in smaller arenas, which he noted back then “wrestling came to the people” in comparison to WWE today performing in larger arenas

– Dillon spoke about ROH in more detail and that he had “great respect for Jim (Cornette)”. He continued by saying wrestlers in Ring of Honor spoke with himself and Jim Cornette about wrestling, which Dillon highlights “…renewed my faith in some of the current wrestling talent“.

– JJ was asked by one of the wrestling weekly listeners who he thought was one of the best horseman. Dillon replied by saying “the original Four Horsemen” noting they will “always be special…Flair, Tully, Ole and Arn”
– Another question is should heels be hated and feared or charismatic like Ric Flair. JJ responded noting “I don’t think there’s a rubber stamp formula…it has to do with the individual and their personality…”. He then spoke about heels in more detail, like The Sheik.

– JJ is then asked by another wrestling weekly listener if Magnum TA was going to get a title run or a program with Ric Flair. Dillon notes that eventually Magnum would have been a candidate to become World Champion.

– JJ Dillon was then asked about the luxuries given as a member of the Horsemen. JJ replied, “I felt we were treated very well, we had a brutal schedule, touring around the country…Jimmy (Crockett) was smart enough to show his appreciation by making things a little easier whenever he could”

– Another question from the Wrestling Weekly chatroom is did JJ choose Oliver Humperdink to replace him in his managerial role when he left the Florida territory. “No, it wasn’t my decision…I had known Oliver Humperdink a long, long time and he’s another guy I have great respect for…”, Dillon said.

– JJ is then asked how TNA could be on a more competitive level with WWE. Dillon responds by saying that he couldn’t give a simple answer and gave his thoughts on TNA in more detail, emphasising “They (TNA) will never be better than WWE at what they (WWE) do“.

JJ Dillon is then thanked by Doc & Les for being a guest.

For more on James J Dillon visit his official website at: www.jjdillon.com and he has an autobiography too called “Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls”

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