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Wrestling 101 has an interview up with Barry Darsow:


Some quotes:

[On the lack of characters in wrestling] When you go to FCW now all they are looking for is big monster guys with bodies that have never been in the ring before and don?t care about wrestling, they are just out to make money and it?s not the wrestlers anymore like it used to be.

[On the lack of tag team wrestling] When you have two wrestlers in the ring you?re only paying two guys, but when you have a tag team you have four guys you?re paying plus usually a manager, so it probably cost the companies more money to pay for the tag teams. WWE and TNA are still drawing the crowds without the tag teams, so why have them.

[On TNA’s Gut Check System] The only problem is that a lot of the guys they are having their matches with haven?t been in the company that long themselves, you?re not getting really good matches right off the get go. If they put the Gut Check guys in the ring with guys like Kurt Angle you would see some really good matches.