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Courtesy: www.MondayNightMayhem.com

WWE SmackDown General Manager and former six-time World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T, was one of the featured guest on this past week’s edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem. You can now feel The Mayhem every week only on the WrestleView Radio Network.

Booker T joined The Big Mosh and “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent for his return to “Your Home of Wrestling Radio,” which is now available for FREE download, exclusively on the WrestleView Radio Network:

Booker T/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MP3 Streaming Audio):


Interview highlights courtesy of WWEDVDNews.com’s Aaron Carnevale, MNM’s official contributor:

The reason for him creating his first-ever “All-Star Clinic” and what the experience is going to be like for those who take part in it this Friday in Houston: “It’s going to be a seven-hour clinic that is going to provide three different perspectives from guys (MVP & Devon) who have actually been there. A lot of times these young guys who try to get into the business go to independent shows for independent promoters. They finish working their match, and the promoter can’t tell them if they did good or bad, because he doesn’t know. So we’re trying to give a ‘carpentry perspective’ to the business again as far as teaching the guys the insight to what we do.”

Why he has his eyes on the Intercontinental Championship Match between Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingstonat WWE’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Pay-Per-View: “You know, I got to give Kofi Kingston a lot of credit. He hasn’t been one of the guys I had on my radar, but he has actually come into his own. Now with this situation with Wade Barrett, he is going to have a chance to really go out there and show how good he really is. That is what this thing is about.”

The one match he would personally like to see take place at WrestleMania XXIX next April and why fans would get their “money’s worth” if it happens: “The match I would want to see at WrestleMania this year would be two bulls locking horns. It would be something great for the fans, and it would be an extravaganza. It would be Ryback vs. Brock Lesnar. That would be the match for me, just because Ryback is mowing through the competition. Brock Lesnar has been a guy who has went by his ‘Modus Operandi’ pretty much the same way, just running through guys. To see those guys meet head-to-head at WrestleMania would be a WrestleMania where people would get their money’s worth.”

Much more is contained in Booker T’s exclusive interview with Monday Night Mayhem, including his candid thoughts on teaming up with Devon & MVP as part of his “All-Star Clinic,” why he classifies his friendship with both as genuine, his run as SmackDown General Manager, a personal invitation for Jay-Z for WWE’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Pay-Per-View in Brooklyn, why the Royal Rumble will always hold a special place in his heart, if he has any input whether NXT stars are called up to the active WWE roster, what he thinks it takes to make it in professional wrestling/sports-entertainment today, plus so much more!