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Bubba Ray Dudley appeared on the latest PodNasty Wrestling Podcast. Dudley talked about whether he will pursue a singles career in WWE, the possibility of a Spike Dudley return and Brock Lesnar‘s recent comments about wrestling being a “job” on Steve Austin‘s podcast.  Here are some other comments:

Bubba on Brock Lesnar saying he approaches pro wrestling like a business or a job:

“I have zero problem [with Lesnar’s comments], I think the way he looks at it is absolutely perfect, and I think that is exactly the way I teach my up-and-coming wrestlers from day one.

“You have to remember that this is a business, and the idea in business is to always climb the ladder of success and achieve the most success you can especially financially, especially in an industry where you’re going to destroy your body. You want to make the most amount of money possible.

“The wrestling business is no different from any other business, whether you flip burgers or whether you do brain surgery you always want to climb the ladder of success so I think Brock’s way of looking at it is absolutely perfect.”

On pursuing a Singles Career in WWE:

“If WWE ever came to me and said ‘hey, we’d like to give you a shot at the singles, we’d like to try it,’ I’m more than open to it. It would be interesting, I think the fans would love to see it, but right now I’m concentrated on me and Devon winning our 10th tag team championship at Hell in a Cell.”

On a potential Spike Dudley Return:

“If we ever needed Spike, if we ever needed our little brother, if we ever needed the runt of the litter, like I said, he’s no more than a phone call away, and he’d be right there by our side, and I think the WWE Universe would go absolutely crazy to see Bubba, Devon and Spike standing together in the same ring again.”

Bubba also talked about his relationship with Paul Heyman, his return at the Royal Rumble earlier this year and much more.

Alfred Boima Konuwa III