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Source:  WrestleView.com

Kevin Kellam of the National Pro Wrestling Examiner is featuring an  interview with TNA wrestler Bully Ray where he talks about changing up his character in TNA and making the decision to drop weight to get in  the best shape of his life.*

On creating Bully Ray and losing weight after parting ways with Devon:

“When  Devon and I went our separate ways a little over two years ago, I knew I  needed to reinvent myself overnight. Nobody comes out of the most  successful tag teams of all time, and just becomes an established  singles star unless they do something to catch the world’s eye.

The  great thing about ‘ Bully Ray’ is, it’s really not a character. I love  when people say ‘Oh your character’, I always tell them it’s not a  character. It’s me. You’re not watching a character on TV, you are  watching me.

As far as my body is concerned, I knew I wanted to  get into the best shape of my life. I knew how hard it would be. At 38  years old, I started to really diligently hitting the weights. I had  always done cardio, to make sure I was in ring shape. Dropped about a  hundred pounds, reformed my body and still I am trying to get there.  It’s very hard to lose body fat and build quality muscle at the same  time. There are lifestyle changes as far as eating is concerned,  drinking a gallon of water a day, keeping up with my supplements, and  just busting my ass.”

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