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Cedric_AlexanderBy Nick Magee (@pwsmarktalk)

Since coming together in 2011 Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman have turned many heads and prove doubters wrongs. Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman have competed against some best tag teams in professional wrestling from The Briscoe Brothers, The Young Bucks, The Forever Hooligans, and reDRagons. After their first match as a tag team at Ring of Honor Tag Team Turmoil, they were defeated by the team of Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly.

Critiques praised the young tag team and gave them the team name “C & C Wrestle Factory”. The C & C Wrestle Factory have competed for ROH World Tag Team Titles on several different occasion over the last couple years but came up short on each attempted. The C & C Wrestle Factory have the potential of becoming one of the best tag teams not only in Ring of Honor but throughout the entire wrestling industry.

I had the privilege of speaking with one half of The C & C Wrestle Factory Cedric Alexander. We briefly discuss the early days of The C & C Wrestle Factory, discuss the tag teams most memorable moments, discuss the future of The C & C Wrestle Factory and finally make early predication regarding the ROH World Title Match at Final Battle 2013 between Jay Briscoe, Adam Cole and Michael Elgin.

1). Cedric, do you think Caprice Coleman was the right choice for a tag team partner?

Cedric: “I was skeptical at first because we have never team up before nor competed against each other. So we were not definitely familiar with each other’s styles or moves, but we were good friends. We competed against Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly the follow of the match was pretty good. After the match we felt good and we been running on all cylinders since”.

2). Who came up with the name C & C Wrestling Factory?
Cedric: “The name was given to us by the Dirt Sheets after our first match in Richard, Virginia. They called us C & C and it stuck with us ever since”.

3). Cedric, The C & C Wrestling Factory completed in the 2012 ROH Tag Team Title Tournament, describe the most memorable moment of the tournament?

Cedric: “Probably our first round match against The Young Bucks. A lot of people basically wrote us off, but after defeating The Young Bucks people took us more seriously, thinking we had a legit shoot of winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles”.

4). The toughest opponents the C & C Wrestling Factory ever face in Ring of Honor or any Indy Wrestling Promotion?

Cedric: “The toughest opponents we ever face were the Briscoe Brothers, they’re just simply brutal, and they will beat you down to submission. The Young Bucks another tough opponent, they’re very fast pace, extremely athletic and faster than a speeding bullet”.

5). The C &C Wrestling Factory completed for ROH World Tag Team Titles on several occasion this past year. Where any point during the year you thought C & C Wrestling Factory could have won ROH World Tag Team Titles?

Cedric: “It would have been the Three Way ROH World Tag Team Title Match at ROH Best in the World 2013 involving ourselves, SCUM (Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus), and the champions reDRagons (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly). We honest thought we had a clear advantage but it simply was not our night”.

6). Cedric, what makes the C & C Wrestling Factory different from any other Tag Team in Ring of Honor?

Cedric: “We’re two different people in one person. Caprice Coleman basically is the wrestling technician, he slows down the match, and has a strategic style. Myself, I can go from zero to hundred miles an hour, with massive power speed. Our tag team have an outstanding combination of power, speed, experience and youth. We’re simply the Total Package”.

7). According to rohwrestling.com The C & C Wrestling Factory will challenge the reDRagons for ROH World Tag Team Titles on November 16th, 2013 “Pursuit Night 2”, what are the chance of you guys winning the titles?

Cedric: “The C & C Wrestle Factory chances are 100%, there are no outside interference, no distraction, no 3rd or 4th Team involvement. It’s strictly between ourselves and reDRagons at ROH Pursuit Night 2”.

8). What are the expectations of the C & C Wrestling Company going into 2014?

Cedric: “The expectations of The C & C Wrestle Factory in 2014 to simply become the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions and defend the championships all over the world”.

9). Ring of Honor Final Battle 2013 is coming up December 14th, 2013 from New York City. Who do you think will walk out of the Hammerstein Ballroom as ROH World Champion (Michael Elgin, Jay Briscoe or Adam Cole)? What about the for ROH TV Title Match (Matt Taven or Tommaso Ciampa)? Finally will C & C Wrestling Factory show up as ROH World Tag Team Champions?

Cedric: “I would have to say Jay Briscoe simply because he never lost the ROH World Championship. I face Jay Briscoe on several occasions and he’s one of the toughest competitors in Ring of Honor. The ROH TV Title Match, I have to go with Tommaso Ciampa because of his intensity. Tommaso goes after you full speed ahead at hundred miles an hour, which will cause problems for Matt Taven. Finally, The C & C Wrestle Factory guarantees we will enter The Hammerstein Ballroom as ROH World Tag Team Champions”.

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