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Courtesy: www.MondayNightMayhem.com

Former WWE Tag Team Champion-turned S.C.U.M member, Cliff Compton, was the featured guest on this past week’s edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh & Jim Molineaux.  Follow “Your Home of Wrestling Radio” on Twitter (@FeelTheMayhem).

Cliff Compton’s first-ever Monday Night Mayhem appearance is now available for download on the Wrestleview Radio Network:

Cliff Compton/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MP3 Streaming Audio): http://www.wrestleviewradio.com/WVIP_Preview/mnm042313.mp3

Interview highlights courtesy of WWEDVDNews.com’s Aaron Carnevale, MNM’s National Correspondent:

Why S.C.U.M is the most dominant faction in the industry today and not The Shield or The Aces & 8’s: “I would say S.C.U.M, not just because I’m a part of it, but because we have a mission, which is to put Ring of Honor out of business. We are very unique, and we can do whatever we want.”

His thoughts on Kevin Steen’s recent “change of heart”: “Kevin was a huge part of me coming into Ring of Honor. I like Kevin, but S.C.U.M gave him better protection than The Mafia. He had it made with the (Ring of Honor) World Title and us protecting him. His ego got in his way, and he got soft. I think he sold out, and I think he lost that ‘killer instinct’ that got him to where he is. I’m not afraid to say it.”

What Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin have in store for them this Saturday night at Ring of Honor’s Border Wars, courtesy of Steve Corino and S.C.U.M: “I think Jay and Michael are pretty much screwed, because how are you supposed to prepare for a match when there five different guys that can be in the match? I think they are at a huge disadvantage, and we also have the numbers game. When things don’t seem to go our way, our crew seems to go out and make things go our way. If I’m Michael and Jay, I’d be pretty worried.”

Much more is contained in Cliff’s exclusive interview, including his candid thoughts on why he gives the credit to Steve Corino for impacting his decision to align himself with S.C.U.M, the comparisons between S.C.U.M, The Shield, and The Aces & 8’s, why people hate Matt Hardy but want his autograph and picture, CM Punk’s mindset leading into his match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXIX and the latest update on his health, who he believes is the “Modern Day Randy Savage,” if he prefers classic Guns N’ Roses vs. today’s GNR, plus so much more! Follow “Mr. 1859” right now on Twitter (at www.Twitter.com/CliffCompton). Mayhem Nation: Place your order for Ring of Honor’s Border Wars iPPV by logging on to www.ROHWrestling.com to enjoy all of the action this Saturday night from The Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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