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Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of theScore Television Network, Baltimore Sun and Layfield Report spoke with former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix.

Here are the highlights:

  • On giving back to her community and returning to her high school in Elmira, New York for a charity basketball event.
  • How she feels about her life, post professional wrestling.
  • Has she had the itch to return to professional wrestling yet?
  • “I never wanted to be that person who said, I’ll never come back, I’m retired, I’m done and then in a couple of years get the itch. I haven’t said I’ll never ever be back because I don’t know what opportunity will come up that I’ll find to be really awesome.”
  • How Edge’s transition to retirement and being in her support system is helping her ability to deal with leaving the WWE.
  • The number of divas that have left the WWE in the past year. Is it a coincidence?
  • “I think it just timed out that way because lots of times with the girls there is a window of opportunity and a lot of the girls that left kind of came in at the same time. The women’s division there are so few of us, you can only see me wrestle Kelly so many times.”
  • Her feelings towards Trish Stratus being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and how her advice helped her career.
  • In her opinion, what made Trish Stratus an icon?
  • “Sometimes people like to remember the controversy, that’s what stands out, but I think I would rather look at the content of someone’s career. She always welcomed whatever kind of physicality that needed to take place in the ring. She was tough as nails, she never complained and worked for what she had and you have to respect that.”
  • How she feels about the Divas division right now, including NXT.
  • Her advice for the current and upcoming WWE Divas.
  • The highlights of her career and what her favourite matches were.

FULL INTERVIEW CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://www.layfieldreport.com/Beth-Phoenix-talks-Divas-Divisi.news