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AJ Styles 4The Sports Courier’s Fred Richani interviews TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles about his illustrious career, his big win at Bound For Glory, Dixie Carter’s special gift, WCW’s dying days, MMA’s effect on pro wrestling, and much more!

Time Codes:

01:35 Adjusting to different styles
02:16 Last 12 months
04:32 Talent exchanges
05:28 Dixie Carter’s gift
06:24 WCW
08:14 Talent level on indies
09:22 Health
10:01 Calf killer
10:50 MMA
13:00 Is MMA hurting wrestling?
14:15 PPV
16:19 WWE, Daniel Bryan
16:44 Most underrated wrestler
18:06 Dream opponent
19:09 Favorite legend
19:40 Greatest match
20:30 Low-Ki
21:19 Funniest wrestler
22:19 Joseph Park
22:54 Career path
23:26 Michelle McCool
24:00 TNA’s breakout star
24:38 Advice

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