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David Dexter reports on a recent NWA Champion Rob Conway interview, where Conway discussed being the champion, his lack of push in WWE and more….

On Being the NWA Champion: “It brings a smile to my face just hearing it. Guys I grew up watching and knowing the history of the NWA, a lot of pride goes into just hearing those words. It is like having an action figure, being a champion, being an NWA World Champion. It almost feels like it is happening to someone else. I’m just a guy from New Albany, Indiana who has worked real hard. A lot of things have happened that I never would have dreamed would have ever happened in real life.”

On What The NWA Title Means: “It is so well respected overseas. In the United States, it isn’t held with the same esteem as in years passed. but I believe it is starting to create more of a buzz and getting more recognized not just for the heritage of the NWA but because the choices are so limited. WWE is a great company, TNA is a great company. But, for the most part, you have to wrestle for one of those companies to ever get a chance at the championship. Only 10 or 20 of a 40 man roster ever get a chance to wrestle for it. Whereas the NWA, we have over 30 Alliance members now. There are a lot more people that wrestle for the NWA than for any other company. ”

On The Con Man Character in WWE: “The head writer of RAW was on hiatus writing a movie for WWE Films when my character was created. The Con Man, because I’m not the Con Man, I’m Rob Conway, started getting pushed… They even told me, “We’re not concerned with you getting hated. We just want you getting noticed”. I started seeing signs at house shows like “Do It the Con Way” and “98% Fat Free” and was working with baby faces that weren’t top guys so I wasn’t really that hated because they weren’t that loved. It started to steam roll, I did the thing with the legends and then the head writer of RAW came back. He said “I really don’t understand your gimmick. I don’t get it. It wasn’t my idea”. I said, “Well, people are starting to cheer for me. Maybe we could do something to get me some heat or turn me baby face”. He said, “No, I don’t see you as a baby face”. For the most part, that character never won another match.”