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In shocking news out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, two international recording artists and members of famous Japanese action comic punk band, Peelander Z have captured the HCW Hardcore Championship from the reigning 7-time Champion, Nick Mayberry. All of this taking place at The Florida Supercon; a major sci-fi, anime, television and comic convention held at The Ft. Lauderdale Marriott North in South Florida.

Peelander Z, a group known for their wacky on-stage antics and use of pro-wrestling in their personas, had stopped in Ft. Lauderdale as part of their tour. They’d appeared at the convention to perform and meet with fans, who also came out to see stars from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Simpsons, Space Ghost, Invader ZIM, Police Academy, Batman, and the over two dozen other guests appearing from the comic book, anime, science-fiction and animation worlds.

7-time HCW Hardcore Champion, “The Controversial” Nick Mayberry, took exception to Peelander Z’s using pro-wrestling as part of their gimmick, saying that the group was an insult and disgrace to his profession. In the weeks leading to the convention, Mayberry repeatedly mocked the group on the Internet and made them a promise – that he would appear at the Supercon and see them face-to-face. That’s exactly what happened.

During Peelander’s Saturday night concert performance at the event, Mayberry and HCW manager Euphoria rushed the stage and took the microphone from the group. After insulting not only the trio, but their fans and every fan in attendance at the Supercon, Mayberry threatened to take his displeasure with the group from a verbal level to a physical one. Just then, Peelander Red hit a low blow on Euphoria, taking his kendo stick, and taking him down with a few shots to the head.

Peelander Blue went into action, repeatedly spraying Mayberry in the face with Windex. During the chaos, Peelander Red continually struck Mayberry over the head with the kendo stick – knocking him to the floor. Both Peelander Red and Peelander Blue piled atop Mayberry and, citing HCW’s infamous “24/7 Hardcore Championship Rule”, pinned the Champion to be declared the NEW HCW Hardcore Co-Champions. Both members of the band share the honor of being the HCW Hardcore Champion.

Peelander Z celebrated this with their fans, a packed house who cheered wildly for the group, before both Mayberry and a bloodied Euphoria were thrown from the stage so Peelander could finish their performance. They did, proudly displaying the HCW Hardcore Championship Title Belt on the waist of Peelander Blue.

It is not the first time that there has been more than one reigning HCW Hardcore Champion, simultaneously. Back in 2004, both members of WCW’s The Power Company Twinz [Dave & Dean] pinned Mayberry at the same time, becoming dual Hardcore Champions. They would lose the Titles later the very same night.

Peelander has said they have not determined what they will do with the HCW Hardcore Championship, and as of this writing, no one from the HCW Office – including former Champion Mayberry – could be reached for comment. The only thing that is for sure is with past Champions like Jimmy Rave, Don Montoya, Power Co. Twinz - Dave and Dean, Hack Meyers, and members of WWE Tough Enough 3, Peelander Z steps into one credible group of wrestling title holders – and into wrestling history. We will have more as the story develops.

Stay tuned to www.Incredible8.com’s NEWS section over the next few days for an exclusive story and also numerous exclusive photos of Peelander Z and Nick Mayberry from the Florida Supercon. ALSO, for all the latest on Peelander Z, visit their official website at www.Peelander-Z.com to get tour dates, CD’s & more!!!!!