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Everyone in PWU has heavy hearts going into Sept 26th, due to the untimely passing of PWU Cornerstone & family member the 7 ft. ANNIHILATION. This 7 foot tall MMA fighting specialist was a major player behind the scenes of PWU as well as in the ring. He trained PWU students in the art of real fighting and self defense that has stayed with us. Big Joe has helped PWU countless times during out 5 year existence. Its safe to say that without BIG JOE’s assistance throughout the years PWU would probably be shut down by now. This unsung hero, always looked out for his friends and family as well as everyone in PWU. If anyone had a problem of any kind, Big Joe was the go-to guy. We will all miss him dearly and his spirit will remain with PWU forever. GoodBye and God Bless BIG JOE, we love and mss you always!


Gandemi’s Funeral Home
Broad and Wolf Sts.
South Philadelphia
7pm-9pm Thursday

Epiphany Church
11th @ Jackson Sts.
South Philadelphia

J.P. Caterers
2810 S. 9th St.

Immediately following funeral services

We have made some changes to our event in honor of Big Joe:

The event is now titled “UNSCRIPTED ANNIHILATION” in honor of Joe. Also the following matches have been added:

The Annihilation 7 Staple Deathmatch…..
“Unbreakable” JOHNNY KASHMERE vs “Indestructible” JOE ETTELL The first man to use the staple gun to put 7 staples into their opponent will be the winner. Already JUSTICE PAIN has signed on as special guest enforcer referee for this match. In honor of Big Joe, The PitBull GARY WOLF has agreed to be the 2nd guest enforcer for this match.


ANNIHILATION’s GIANTS-ONLY BATTLE ROYAL: This over-the-top-rope Battle Royal is a PWU signature match pitting the largest competitors from the region against each other where only one man will stand victorious in the ring. That man will become the first ever “ANNIHILATION SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION”!

Plus all this…..
The innovating group that brings you “Wrestle-Reality”, featuring a more realistic, non-intelligence-insulting form of pro wrestling, mixed with a reality TV show, has added even more celebrities to their huge cancer charity event in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 26, 2009.

Philly/Delco area native Thomas Walton III, debuts in PWU to manage fellow actors CKNY (Corey Kastle and Niles Young). Walton is best known for his leading role on TV’s “Psychic Detectives” as well as a lawyer on “Identity Theft” and star of the movie “The Gift”. Walton’s latest movie project is due in theaters at the end of this year and stars Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. Check him out on IMDB.com! Walton will be available to meet and greet fans on the 26th.

Scott Cummings, the author and former bodyguard to Donald Trump and Michael Jackson, will be debuting on September 26th as a bodyguard to a wrestler to be named later. Cummings’ new book is titled “An Inside Look at the Rich and Famous”. He will have copies of his book available as well as being there to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

Believe it or not, Scott has informed PWU that he will be bringing along his friend, “The World’s Greatest Michael Jackson Impersonator” with him! We at PWU are speechless! Find out more about Scott and his book at his website, http://www.bodyguard2thestars.com

The new GM has managed to pull off another great feat. Former WWF star Tatanka, AKA Chris Chavez, will wrestle on September 26th against recent WWE developmental star Matt Walsh. This will be the first time these two world-class athletes compete against each other ever…anywhere! Both stars will be available for photos and autographs.


All of this and more is coming to the charity event on September 26th that benefits the Relay for Life Charity based out of Bensalem, PA. All ticket profits will be benefiting this great organization! At least 8 huge matches guaranteed at this event at Boyle’s World Gym in Northeast Philly.

-Danny Bonaduce (tentatively scheduled for this date)

-Former ECW Champion “The Hardcore Icon” The Sandman vs his very own son TYLER!

-Former WWF star Chris “TATANKA” Chavez vs WWE developmental release MATT WALSH (this will be Matt’s first post-WWE match)

-Former WWE Diva SUNNY

-Former ECW Champion RAVEN

Philly’s own DJ Trizzy will be spinnin’ like only he can. Hear his live radio show weekly at http://www.thabiggshow.com