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Funking Conservatory Press Release
Remembering Gorgeous George Jr.
Written by Dory Funk Jr.


We are sorry to hear of the passing of Gorgeous George Jr.

Gorgeous George Jr. was a main event performer in the Amarillo Territory in 1968 and 1969 as a single and as the partner of Buddy Colt.

On April 14th of 1969 in El  Paso, Texas I facedGorgeous George Jr. in a 30 minute match for the NWA World Championship.Gorgeous George Jr. put on a fabulous performance that night before acapacity crowd in the El Paso Coliseum.

I will always remember the night Victor the Bear came to Amarillo for a Bear Over the Top Battle Royal – Early in the day the local Game Warden, Woody Pond, came to my father and said a Black Bear was a game animal, protected and could not perform in an exhibition wrestling match.

It was Gorgeous George Jr.’s Idea with the approval of my father, Dory Funk Sr. that George and Buddy Colt go down town and buy a case of Lady Clairol Hair Spray and that night in the dressing room, Gorgeous George and Buddy Colt sprayed Victor the Black Bear with the full case of Lady Clairol Hair Spray and Victor entered the ring as Boris the Russian Brown Bear.

The Bear was angry over the smell of the Lady Clairol Hair Sprayall over his body and came to the ring a growling, angry 600 pound bear. Thebear chased everybody out over the top rope except Me, My Father, Dory Funk Sr.and Gorgeous George.

With quick thinking by my father, Dad and I undid the turnbuckles in the corners of the ring and dropped the 3 ropes down to the apron of thering. Next, Dad and I got the attention of the Bear and Gorgeous George tackled Victor the Black Bear (Alias Boris the Russian Brown Bear) in the buttocks and the Bear was out over the top rope. (Even though all the ropes were laying on the apron of the ring)

Some of the fans in Amarillo were mad that night claiming that Gorgeous George Jr. and The Funks cheated the Bear.


We will all miss Gorgeous George Jr. He was a dear friend and great performer. Our condolences to his family.


Dory Funk Jr.


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