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Renee Young

By Stefano Mocella, http://www.thesportster.com

Well, we’ve long heard the rumors and now we finally have some confirmation. Renee Young has revealed on talksport.com’s Gorilla Position podcast, that she’s dating current WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose.

“I can’t give away too much, because we are very private about our relationship because we respect it. We don’t need people knowing about it or caring what we’re doing – I’m not going to post pictures of us on the internet… but people berate me no matter what I post on the internet”

We’ve seen countless jokes and memes created on the internet as to how Ambrose masters a certain part of the female anatomy, but we’ll refrain from that and just say we’re happy for both of them. Wrestling fans always enjoy to hear about talent dating each other. They then pray that they can see a storyline made of it.

It’s certainly understandable as to why talents date within the industry, given their hectic schedules and very few opportunities of meeting people outside the wrestling business.

Hopefully jealousy stemming from male fans won’t turn Ambrose heel.