AEW All In 2023

AEW All In Results
August 27, 2023
London, England (Wembley Stadium)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

Zero Hour Free Pre-Show Quick Results:

ROH Tag Team Championship Match: AEW World Champion MJF and Adam Cole def. Aussie Open to become the new champions.

FTW Championship Match: Hook def. Jack Perry to become the new champion

It’s a lovely morning on the West Coast of the States, and you know what that means…time for AEW All In!

We’re welcomed to the show by the commentary team before Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring for our opening contest! Out next is AEW’s “Real World Champion” CM Punk, set to defend the championship to kick off the main card of a historic PPV event…and that match is underway as the bell rings!

AEW “Real World Championship” Match: CM Punk defends against ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe

Punk and Joe stare each other down to start, the adulation of 80,000 plus fans cheering them on before they lock up. The match gets taken to the corner early as Punk finds himself scrambling to escape. They lock up again, heading to the corner once more as Punk hits a big chop…that Joe seems unfazed by!

Punk eggs Joe on before connecting with a side headlock, bringing Joe down to a knee before the ROH TV Champion drops him with a back suplex! The action heads to the outside, with the challenger taking the fight to Punk…who escapes disaster by rushing back into the ring! Joe comes back in, and starts laying chops into Punk once again…catching the champ against the ropes in the process!

Joe gets caught with a hurricanrana by Punk that sends him out of the ring…only for Joe to dodge a springboard cross body attempt follow up! Joe is now in control here as he goes to work on Punk, who counters by sending Joe shoulder-first into the ring post. Punk looks for a hurricanrana off the apron, but Joe drives the champ into the announce table!

Joe goes to work on Punk once again, this time busting the champ open before going back into the ring. Punk slides in behind him, trying to fight Joe until the challenger goes right back on the attack…even sending him into the turnbuckle! Joe sets Punk up for more damage but the champ is fighting back…only to take a boot and a senton by Joe, who gets a nearfall in the process!

Joe takes Punk back to the corner for another chop, before looking for a Muscle Buster…but Punk slips out of it, before hitting a big roundhouse kick on the challenger! The standing count begins as Joe is the first to slowly get to his feet…but Punk is back up as well, hitting Joe with a couple shoulder tackles and what some might remember as a Protoplex! Punk follows up with a nod to another wrestling legend before going for a leg drop…but Joe catches him with some punches and a power slam!

Joe only gets a nearfall, and an armbar gets pushed to a pin for a nearfall…but Joe is not done as he quickly transitions from a powerbomb to an STF on the champ! Punk rolls Joe onto his shoulders for a nearfall to break the hold! Punk sets Joe up for a spinning toe hold shades of Terry Funk…but Joe pulls him in for a nearfall as a result!

Punk is back to his feet looking for a running knee strike…but he gets taken down by Joe instead! Joe sets Punk up for another Muscle Buster attempt, but Punk drops off the turnbuckle to evade the move. Joe catches him however, this time bringing Punk up for an avalanche brainbuster…only for Punk to take a bite out of Joe’s head! Punk sets Joe up on the turnbuckle, and hits a Pepsi Plunge for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW “Real World’s Champion”: CM Punk

Punk celebrates the win before heading up the ramp and to the back, before we get a rundown on the feud going into our next match!

Video Package: Don Callis hates, hates, HATES Kenny Omega, and he’s been assembling a whole new Family to take his old “nephew” down…and tonight, Takeshita teams with Bullet Club Gold to take on The Golden Elite in trios action!

Back at ringside, Bullet Club Gold make their way to the ring for our next contest! Out next is Konosuke Takeshita alongside Don Callis, and I can only assume we cannot hear the scathing boos for Callis because this is a more open stadium layout. Out next is Hangman Adam Page to a big ovation however, and that ovation continues for Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega as the Golden Elite make their way to the ring. The bell sounds and this trios match gets underway!

The Golden Elite (Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi & Hangman Adam Page) vs. Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson & Jay White) & Konosuke Takeshita

Staredown between all six men to start things off, before Bullet Club Gold pose. Eventually we kick things off with Page and Juice as the two men lock up, with Juice getting taken down with a shoulder tackle! Juice fights back for a bit before Page gets a tag to Omega, and the two double-team Juice back and forth. Omega stays on the attack as Ibushi tags himself in, and Juice pulls away so he can get a tag to Jay White!

White and Ibushi lock up, with Jay getting a shoulder tackle on Ibushi…who gets back to his feet, only for Jay to disrespect him! Ibushi doesn’t take kindly to this, taking in the forearm strikes by Jay before taking the Switchblade down hard! Jay gets sent to the corner as Omega tags back in. Golden Lovers double-team on White until Takeshita can get involved, making a tag but he gets taken down by Omega!

Bullet Club Gold get involved but are taken down, before Omega hits a big dive to the outside! Omega continues the attack but Juice gets a tag in, taking the former AEW World Champion down before tagging Juice back in for a double-team. Ibushi rushes in for the save but is taken out by BCG who go back to Omega. Now it’s Page coming in to save Kenny, but is sent out instead.

Tag back to Takeshita who goes right back to work on Omega, dropping him to the canvas before tagging Jay White back in. Omega is able to start fighting back, but Jay takes him down with a dragon screw before taunting Omega. Tag made to Juice now, who goes to work on the legs of Omega before getting a nearfall!

Omega and Juice trade blows now, with Juice looking for the Left Hand of God! Big hand and a boot for the cover, but Kenny kicks out! Omega hits a suplex on Juice as he looks for a tag, but Robinson pulls him away! Omega evades an attack as he leaps to his corner for a tag, but Gunns pull down Ibushi! Seconds later, Omega is finally able to tag in Page however!

Page goes on a rush of offense as he clears the ring out, bringing Jay back into the ring as he climbs the turnbuckle for a big leg drop for a nearfall! Page brings White to his feet for Dead Eye, but Jay slips out! Blind tag by Ibushi as Jay leapfrogs Page…only to find himself at the mercy of Ibushi unloading some hard offense with a standing moonsault for a nearfall!

Things quickly turn to chaos as we are left with the Golden Lovers in the ring…and they dive over the turnbuckles to drop their opponents! Ibushi and Omega bring White back into the ring now, and they along with Page rock the Switchblade with a triple-team leading to a German suplex by Ibushi for a nearfall. Jay slips out of a knee strike looking for a Blade Runner, only to find himself escaping another knee strike attempt to hit a uranage!

White makes the tag to Takeshita as he and Omega trade blows now, until Robinson intervenes and takes a snapdragon suplex as a result. Same for Jay White, but Takeshita catches Omega with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall! Omega fights back with knee strikes and a poison rana, but Takeshita manages to kick out! Omega goes after him again, this time tagging in Page before all three of the Elite go after him leading to a nearfall!

Page heads to the apron for a Buckshot Lariat, but the Gunns distract him…which only bites them in the butt as Page hits a moonsault! This becomes a problem for Hangman as Jay White takes him down, only for Omega to rock the Switchblade! Omega and Ibushi look for a Golden Trigger but Takeshita evades it…before hitting a jumping knee strike on Ibushi!

Only to take a Buckshot Lariat from Hangman! Omega sees his opportunity for a V-Trigger but is distracted with a Blade Runner attempt from White…which gets turned into a knee strike on the Switchblade! Omega follows up with knee strikes for Juice as well…but gets rolled up by Takeshita for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson & Jay White) & Konosuke Takeshita

Video Package: The feud between FTR and the Young Bucks has been heated going into their past two matches in AEW…and it all comes down to tonight, a third encounter with the AEW World Tag Team Championship on the line!

Back at ringside, the Young Bucks make their way out to the ring with a unique theme for the big occasion here at All In! Out next are FTR, the AEW World Tag Team Champions ready to defend in front of a hot crowd at Wembley as this match gets underway!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (c) defends against The Young Bucks

We start off with Dax and Nick who lock up, trading holds before we end up in a standoff. Tag made to Cash, who takes Nick down with a shoulder tackle only for Nick to hit a hip toss! Tag made to Matt now, but after a moment he is taken down with a big spinebuster by Cash before he makes the tag to Dax, who drops Matt right back down before covering for a nearfall. Things turn to chaos as all four men go at it in the ring now, until FTR hit a couple lariats on the Bucks!

But the challengers take the fight right back, eventually hitting big dives on the champs on the outside! Bucks continue the attack as Matt gets a tag back in, going after Cash before tagging Nick back in for a 450 splash off the second rope for a nearfall! Bucks keep Cash in the corner and away from making a tag, constantly coming in and out to stay fresh as Cash tries to get that tag…but to no avail! Sunset flip by Matt but Nick has tagged in.

Nick continues the attack before tagging Matt back in, with the Bucks continuing to keep Dax away from tagging in with a superkick…only for Matt to get rolled up by Cash for a nearfall! Matt fights back and gets a nearfall of his own…before an enziguri in the corner proves to be a problem for the Bucks! Wheeler with the tag to Harwood!

Dax goes on the attack now, dropping the Bucks with suplexes before dropping Matt with a set of German suplexes! Matt escapes after three of them, setting up a locomotion on Dax with two Northern Lights suplexes before Dax counters into a German of his own! Now we see both men trading suplexes until Dax hits an inside cradle for a nearfall.

Rollup and a cross body give Dax two more nearfalls, but Matt responds with a stalling Northern Lights suplex for a close nearfall! Dax with another German, yielding the same nearfall result. Both men are down now as the standing out begins, with Dax getting to his feet as Nick goes for a superkick…but Dax fights out of it! The two go at it until Dax drops Nick, only for Matt to try and roll him up as he gets a nearfall for his trouble!

Dax gets a Sharpshooter locked in on Matt as Nick is caught with one by Cash on the apron! Nick finally fights out of his predicament before helping Matt with his. Everyone is laid out for a moment before Nick is back up, going after Dax in the corner as both teams are up on the turnbuckles now…with the champs coming out on top!

Matt catches Dax with a roundhouse kick, but Dax responds with a spike piledriver witht he assist by Cash after a tag, but only gets a nearfall for their effort! FTR look for the Shatter Machine but get intercepted as Dax folds Nick up for a close, close nearfall! Miscommunication on the apron as Dax knocks Cash off the apron, with a backslide leading to a nearfall. Bucks go back on the offense and pick up a nearfal in the process!

Tag made to Matt as they look for the Meltzer Driver, but Cash intervenes! Matt drops Dax all the same but only gets a nearfall! Bucks set Dax up for a BTE Trigger but Dax drops, forcing the knees to collide against each other before Cash intervenes again. Tag to Cash now, and they hit the FTR Trigger and a Shatter Machine…BUT MATT KICKS OUT!

Cash fakes Matt out with a springboard before Dax hits a superkick…and takes out Nick as Cash goes for a springboard 450! Matt rolls out of the way, and hits a superkick for the cover…BUT CASH KICKS OUT!

Only to take a BTE Trigger by the Bucks! Nearfall, though I can’t help but wonder how much of that was Cash kicking out! Dax comes in to check on him, but takes a Shatter Machine by the Bucks! BTE Trigger on Cash again…but this time Cash definitely DOES kick out! Bucks look to finish Cash off, but Dax is in…and FTR hit the Shatter Machine for the pin and the win to retain the titles here tonight!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: FTR

The champs offer a handshake to the Bucks after the match, but the challengers refuse to show such sportsmanship as they leave the ring, allowing the champs to celebrate.

Video Package: Things have been incredibly tough between Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley as of late, and after a couple of crazy months we are set for Stadium Stampede!

Back at ringside, Blackpool Combat Club and their new “friends” Ortiz and Santana make their way through the crowd for our next match! They head to the ring which is already been set up for the insanity to come, as Best Friends make their way to the ring next, followed by Penta El Zero M and Eddie Kingston…and this match already gets underway!

Stadium Stampede Match: Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero M, AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy & Best Friends vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta) Santana & Ortiz

Eddie is focused on Claudio at ringside as chaos goes on inside the ring, with the BCC squad taking some hard hits by their foes. Chuck Taylor with a dive but Trent is met with a trash can for his troubles! Claudio starts to get revenge on Eddie as Mox is on the attack at ringside, but Eddie is right back on the ROH Champion as Penta comes running in with a steel chair on Ortiz and Santana! He follows up with a sling blade on each man as backstage we see Claudio and Eddie continuing their fight alongside Chuck and Wheeler.

Mox is on the attack now, dropping Penta before looking for a lariat…only to hit the Paradigm Shift on Penta instead! Mox goes to his bag o’ tricks now, pulling out skewers…but Penta is having none of it, using them on Mox instead! Penta drops him with Made In Japan but only gets a nearfall! Penta sets up a couple chairs but is met by Santana as we get a peek at the concouse where Eddie and Claudio are still at it!

Back in the ring, Santana drops Penta onto the chairs as fans rush away from Eddie and Claudio up in the concourse. Santana drops Penta with a piledriver onto a chair in the ring as medics check in on Penta right after…and Orange taunts Mox with the “dangerous kicks” much to Mox’s annoyance as he pulls out a fork…driving it into the head of the International Champion over and over again!

Mox brutalizes Cassidy some more before turning his attention to Beretta, as we get a peek backstage of Wheeler beating up Taylor! We get a shot of the royal box as Wheeler has now joined up with Claudio to go after Eddie…only for Chuck to come back into play! Eddie beats up Wheeler with an umbrella provided by Chuck as back in the ring, Ortiz and Santana are still on the attack alongside Mox.

Eddie and Wheeler are inside a food area now with further damage done as back in the ring, Santana and Ortiz continue their attack on Trent by sending him into a ladder in the corner! Mox brings in some more plunder in the form of a barbed wire board…hitting a massive slam to send Trent into the board! Cover made but Trent is able to kick out as Mox focuses on Orange Cassidy at ringside.

Things turn around as Mox hits a piledriver on Trent, driving him headfirst into the steel steps! Claudio has made his way back to ringside now, going after Trent as he brings him up the ramp, where BCC have now brought the Best Friends up onto the stage. Ortiz sets up a table at ringside as we see a ladder being set up on the stage…but a white van has arrived just in the nick of time, revealing Trent’s mom Sue!

Mox gives Sue a lil kiss, which sets Trent right off as he goes after Mox as Chuck comes in as well, and they pull out plunder from the van to fend off BCC…as Penta Oscuro comes out to get his revenge on Santana who’s arrived on the stage! They climb up on a ladder..and the ladder falls apart! Abrahantes holds it long enough for Penta to hit a destroyer on Santana through the table on stage!

Back in the ring, Best Friends give the people what they want before going after Wheeler before BCC gets involved. Chaos ensues until Claudio hits a big swing…but is soon met with a trio of Orange Punches by the AEW International Champion for a close nearfall!

Cassidy starts putting duct tape on his fist…before breaking a bottle into a bucket! He’s putting glass on his taped fist, but Claudio intervenes as Mox comes in as well. Mox looking for a pumphandle slam but is taken down with a DDT by the champ! All three men are down as Eddie Kingston returns to ringside with a chair wrapped in barbed wire! He lays out foes on his way to the ring, before staring down Mox…until Claudio blindsides him!

But it’s not enough as Kingston hits a backfist on the ROH Champion before driving Mox through the barbed wire board…and Cassidy hits an Orange Punch with the glassed hand for the pin and the win to end Stadium Stampede!

Winners via pinfall: Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero M, AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy & Best Friends

Video Package: The big win for Hikaru Shida and how it impacts this four-way AEW Women’s World Championship match at All In!

Out first for our AEW Women’s Championship match is Saraya, coming out with her family to “We Will Rock You” by Queen as Saraya makes her way to the ring. Out next is her fellow Outcast as Toni Storm comes out to “America the B–” I mean, “God Save The Queen” as she heads to the ring. This is followed by the arrival of Dr. Britt Baker, DMD as she heads to the ring next, followed by the champion herself as Hikaru Shida heads to the ring before this match gets underway!

AEW Women’s Championship Four-Way Match: Hikaru Shida vs. Toni Storm vs. Saraya vs. Britt Baker

All four women go at it to start things off, with Shida eventually being sent out of the ring as the Outcasts focus on Baker. They double-team Baker before Storm hits her with a hip attack…and both Outcasts try to pin Baker! This leads to a disagreement between the two of them, allowing Shida to get back into the ring and intervene!

Shida with a big knee to even things up as the champion is now in control, mounting up with some punches on Storm. Chaos ensues as Baker takes advantage of the situation, only to get rocked with a kick by Saraya that sends her out of the ring. Storm sends her toward Saraya’s mom who holds Baker for Storm…but the Doctor gets out of the way, leading to Toni hitting Mrs. Knight instead!

This causes some major trouble for Storm as Saraya goes after her, and Mrs. Knight is held back by her family as Saraya and Storm end up back in the ring…where they come to blows! Storm is in control here, much to the chagrin of the Wembley crowd as Storm sets Saraya up against the exposed turnbuckle…bringing out Ruby Soho to try and restore order within the Outcasts! This proves to be futile as she’s sent out of the ring with a forearm by Storm!

Shida is back in the ring as is Baker, but the focus remains on Storm and Saraya as the latter locks in a massive submission hold on Storm…but Baker takes advantage by stomping Storm’s face into the canvas, shoving Saraya away to make the cover! But Storm kicks out!

Baker looking for the Lockjaw but Shida has returned to the ring, only for Saraya to get involved…and dropped by the champ! Shida follows with a Falcon Arrow on Baker onto Saraya, and hits a Meteora on Saraya for the nearfall! Shida stays on top of it with a Kitana, but Baker breaks the pin before going for the Lockjaw on the champ!

Shida does all she can to fight out of it, pinning her to the canvas to force the break. Saraya and Storm rush into the ring, where Saraya hits Storm with the Knight Cap! Baker is still focused on Shida as Saraya covers Storm…and gets the pin and the win to become the new champion!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW Women’s World Champion: Saraya

Saraya gets her chance to celebrate the big win in front of an approving crowd at Wembley!

Video Package: Things have been rough all over between Darby Allin and Swerve Strickland, and it all comes to a head in this Coffin Match!

Back at ringside, Swerve Strickland gets a special entrance as he makes his way to the ring for our next match! out next is Christian Cage, wearing the TNT Championship that Luchasaurus won. Out next are Darby Allin and Sting with a cinematic entrance before heading out to the ring to Metallica…and now, this match gets underway!

Coffin Match: Sting and Darby Allin vs. Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage 

We start with a bit of chaos before Sting and Cage end up alone in the ring. The fight quickly shifts to Sting and Swerve at ringside as Darby retrieves a thumbtack jacket (a thumbtacket?)…a pair of them, in fact, handing one to Sting! The pair give corner splashes to Nana and Swerve until Christian intervenes, leading to him and Swerve hitting a pair of spears on their opponents! Things spill back out to the floor for sting and Swerve as Cage binds the hands of Darby with tape!

Christian taunts the crowd before sending Darby into the turnbuckle…but Darby avoids another attack and hits a no-hands moonsault form the corner followed by a cannonball dive on Swerve! Sting comes by to take the tape off his hands and Darby grabs the coffin as Sting lifts Swerve up for a spinebuster…only for Christian to knock the lid close, forcing Swerve to hit the lid instead of being driven into the coffin itself!

Darby gets brought back into the ring as Cage grabs a steel chair, with Swerve offering a second one for a Conchairto…but Darby narrowly evades it! Darby’s on the apron now as Swerve grabs him…only to be hit with a stunner of sorts by Darby! Swerve is on the table at ringside as Sting leaps off the apron…but the table doesn’t break! SWERVE IS THE TABLE…but not for long, as a second leap by Sting sends him crashing through!

Meanwhile, Cage is set up on a chair on the opposite side of the ringside area as Darby leaps off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick! Sting has gotten Swerve into the coffin as Darby comes along to help close the lid, but Swerve keeps his foot out to save himself as Luchasaurus blindsides Darby and Sting!

Luchasaurus taunts Darby as Nick Wayne comes rushing up behind with a skateboard…only to take a headbutt by the dino instead, before he drops Wayne onto the skateboard with a chokeslam! Swerve has escaped the coffin now but Sting is back on his feet, going after both of his opponents as Darby slowly makes it back to his feet as well.

Sting sets Swerve onto the closed coffin as Darby steps onto the top turnbuckle…leaping off for a Coffin Drop ONTO THE COFFIN! BUT NO ONE’S HOME! Swerve rolls off just as Darby collides onto the lid of the coffin, as Sting ends up in the ring with both Swerve and Cage, taking both men down before looking for the Scorpion Deathlock on the self-proclaimed TNT Champion! Cage is in trouble here but Swerve rushes in with a steel chair to the Icon’s back…which only angers Sting, as he goes after Strickland!

But Cage is able to intervene once again, setting Sting up as Strickland hits the Swerve Stomp from the top turnbuckle! The coffin gets brought into the ring as Cage goes after Darby on the outside. Swerve pulls Sting into the coffin, grabbing the baseball bat and tossing it in before going to close the lid…but the bat sticks out enough to keep it open! Sting is still in this, but Swerve hits a big kick to even things back up.

Cage is still attacking Darby on the outside as Swerve sets Sting up on the coffin for a 450 splash off the top…but Sting rolls away! Darby finally fights Cage off at ringside as Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Swerve onto the coffin! Sting opens the coffin back up, rolling Swerve into it before closing the lid…but Swerve blocks it with his hands! Sting attacks those hands as Swerve is fighting to get back out…but Darby catches him with a Coffin Drop that just seems to break Strickland, before finally getting him into the coffin and closing it!

Winners via coffin closure: Darby Allin and Sting

Video Package: Don Callis’s attempt to recruit Chris Jericho ends up with this marquee match between the Ocho and Will Ospreay at All in!

Out first for our next match is Chris Jericho, performing “Judas” with Fozzy as he heads to the ring. Out next is Will Ospreay as we get footage from RevPro last night showing Jericho attacking Ospreay leading up to this match…which gets underway as the bell rings!

Will Ospreay vs. Chris Jericho

Both men circle the ring before locking up, but things get heated quickly as they start trading blows before Ospreay catches the Ocho with a dropkick sending him out of the ring…and a Skytwister Press onto Jericho on the floor! Ospreay brings Jericho back into the ring but only gets a nearfall, and Jericho is starting to fight back now!

Things get heated once again before both men get to their feet and trade blows again, with Ospreay getting the upper hand. Jericho is sent to the corner now as Ospreay hits a chop and sends him to the opposite corner…only for Jericho to catch him with a dropkick to the outside, followed by a baseball slide!

Jericho gives pursuit, laying in some chops until Ospreay fights back. Both men end up on the apron now…and Jericho drops Will onto the apron with a German suplex! Both men back in the ring now as the Ocho goes on the attack, hitting a vertical suplex and a cover for the nearfall. Jericho sets Ospreay up against the ropes now, continuing the damage before standing him up for a chop…but Ospreay fights back, and hits a corkscrew kick on Jericho!

Ospreay with a flurry of offense on Jericho now, but only gets a nearfall as he gets back to his feet. Jericho fighting out of a piledriver before sending Ospreay to the corner. Back and forth in the corner leads to Jericho up on Ospreay with mounted punches and a hurricanrana on Ospreay…who kicks out at two on a cover!

Both men back to their feet trading blows once more, as Jericho sets up for a Lionsault…but Ospreay gets his knees up! Will climbs up and hits a shooting star press on a prone Jericho on the second rope…but Jericho manages to kick out! Both men fight out of each other’s signatures but Jericho hits two Codebreakers for a very, very close nearfall!

Jericho looking for a Judas Effect but Will blocks it…and hits an Oscutter for a nearfall of his own! Ospreay looking for a Storm Breaker that gets countered…and Will counters…but Jericho counters THAT and locks in the Walls of Jericho on Ospreay! Callis leaps up on the apron to distract the ref…but Sammy counters that with a bat to the head of Ospreay to knock him out! The ref checks on Ospreay…who manages to stay in this match!

And he fights out of the Walls! Ospreay hits a Spanish Fly on Jericho now, getting a nearfall in the process…but a second aerial attempt finds him colliding into a Codebreaker! Jericho goes back on the attack…and feels an Oscutter for his troubles! Jericho with a nearfall here before the two men go back at it with strikes, but Jericho slips out of a Storm Breaker and distracts the ref enough to hit a low blow on Ospreay…followed by a Judas Effect!


Jericho can’t believe it as he goes back to work on Ospreay, looking for the Walls…but Ospreay counters it for a nearfall…and a powerbomb! But Jericho is able to kick out! Ospreay ends up hitting a combo Hidden Blade and Judas Effect, followed by a Storm Breaker…BUT JERICHO KICKS OUT!

Ospreay in the corner, looking for that Hidden Blade…and he connects! Storm Breaker for the follow up! Ospreay with the cover…and he gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Will Ospreay

Ospreay celebrates his win as we see Sammy trying to check in on Jericho…only for the Ocho to push Sammy away, leaving the ring with Guevara left alone to wonder what’s next.

We head back to the ring where Nigel McGuiness addresses and thanks the 81,035 fans in attendance at Wembley Stadium for the biggest wrestling show in history at AEW All In!

Video Package: Things between House of Black and The Acclaimed have gotten quite dark as the Trios Champions attempted to retire Billy Gunn…who promises to bring the Bad Ass back for one more run at All In in this AEW World Trios Championship match!

At ringside, House of Black arrive to the ring for our next contest wearing attire in honor of Windham Rotunda before The Acclaimed arrive next with a rap but still looking to be serious as Billy Gunn makes it clear what his mission is tonight! Our house rules for this title match, no holds barred as the match gets underway!

AEW World Trios Championship Match: House of Black defends against The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

We start off with the appropriate amount of chaos in and out of the ring, as Malakai takes out Caster while Buddy and Bowens are back in the ring now. Bowens hits a guillotine on Matthews before hitting Malakai…only for Matthews to hit a dive! Billy’s in the ring now but is stopped by the House. Brody King in the ring but is taken out by Gunn, who gears up for a dive before Julia intervenes with a slap to the face…only for Gunn to yell at her before The Acclaimed hit the Scissor Me Timbers on Hart!

This doesn’t set well with the House as the champs head into the ring, going after Bowens for a nearfall in the process! House stay in control keeping the Acclaimed at bay as Brody goes after Gunn on the outside…only for Billy to dodge a big splash against the barricade! Brody crashes against the barricade instead as Gunn grabs a chair, throwing it at Brody as Bowens gets sent flying out of the ring.

Gunn gets back in the ring but is taken down by Malakai and Matthews…but the Bad Ass is in control now, sending Matthews out of the ring before looking for a Famouser on Malakai…instead countering The End into a nearfall before Malakai kicks out! Bowens is in now, but chaos ensues as all six men go at it in the ring!

Bowens ends up on the other side of all this with a beatdown on Matthews, who is back to his feet as Black sweeps Bowens off his feet into the corner! Matthews blindsides Bowens as Brody goes to work…and they knock down Bowens hard for a cover!


Match is saved for now, but Malakai and Brody go back to work on Bowens with Brody holding a chained fist…that ends up hitting Malakai in the skull instead! Caster takes advantage by sending Brody out of the ring before they gang up on Matthews, with Gunn hitting three Famousers before making the cover…but Julia pulls the ref out of the ring to stop the pin attempt!

Chaos ensues on the outside until Malakai catches Gunn with The End…but only gets a nearfall! House goes back on the attack until Brody catches an Arrival…but kicks out at one! The Acclaimed gang up on Brody now with a triple stack cover scoring the pin and the win for The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn!

Winners via pinfall and new AEW World Trios Champions: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

The now former champs take away the championships, seemingly unwilling to let go of them…but eventually, sportsmanship prevails as they hand the titles over to the new champs. The House leave the ring as Acclaimed hype up Billy Gunn, saying them made good on their promise to help Gunn achieve gold one more time. Bowens calls for Wembley to throw those scissors up…and we are treated to the biggest scissors party in wrestling history to a big ovation!

Video Package: The rivalry turned friendship between MJF and Adam Cole all comes down to this, our main event of All In, as Cole challenges for the AEW World Championship!

Back at ringside, Adam Cole makes his way to the ring for our main event before the World Champion comes out next, having the arena go dark before the Devil makes his way to the stage as he is pushed down the ramp toward the ring. MJF removes the Devil mask before heading into the ring, ready to go as we get ring introductions for the challenger and the champion before this World Championship match gets underway!

AEW World Championship Match: MJF defends against Adam Cole

The two men soak in the approval of this huge Wembley crowd before we get going, the challenger and champion staring each other down…before heading out of the ring to grab their Better Than You Bay Bay shirts! They end up putting the team shirts on before finally locking up, with both men trying to one-up each other before MJF avoids a superkick by Cole…who gets the crowd on his side!

MJF calls for sportsmanship, leading to a chant along those lines…before giving Cole a thumb to the eye! Eventually we get to some proper action as Cole goes after the champ, dropping MJF to get a nearfall. MJF sent to the corner as Cole goes on the attack…only for the champ to reverse things! Cole pulls in the ref to stop MJF in his tracks, and pulls MJF into the turnbuckle to turn things around!

The action shifts between champ and challenger now, with Cole playing dirty much to the surprise of MJF in the process. MJF looks for a dive and thinks better of it, only for Cole to hit a big superkick for a nearfall! Cole starts mouthing off at the champ now, saying they may be friends but he is better than MJF…and pulling the shirt off of the champ!

This angers Max as he gets to his feet, taking all the punishment Cole can give him before the challenger looks to strike up a band for the champ…but MJF stops it, unloading on Cole before hitting a body slam! MJF takes Cole to the corner now, unloading a flurry of offense before biting Cole in the head!

And then he sends the challenger into the turnbuckle! Cole rolls out of the ring for a breather as MJF fires the crowd back up…eventually gathering the courage to hit a dive on Cole! Max seems surprised as he brings Cole back into the ring, but only gets a nearfall for his effort. Cole turns it around and sends MJF to the corner, but MJF fights right back before hitting a sunset flip…and this turns into a series of nearfalls!

Counter after counter leads to a set of kicks by Cole, but MJF catches him with a powerbomb with an added backbreaker knee…but it’s only a nearfall! Standing count as the champ gets to his feet, and climbs the turnbuckle for a Panama Sunrise…only to get knocked down by Cole, who hits a big DDT on the champ and the cover…but Max has his foot on the rope to break it up!

Cole seems enraged by this as he sends the champ out of the ring, before driving him into the steel steps…FOLLOWED BY BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE STEPS!

The ref admonishes Cole for this as the challenger slides into the ring while the ref begins the count…which reaches all the way to NINE before MJF leaps into the ring to break it! The champ still looks down and out despite this burst of energy, as Cole climbs the turnbuckle waiting for the Panama Sunrise…but MJF collapses, rolling out the ring.

Cole pursues the champ but is tripped up, as MJF clears off the announce table before bringing Cole over telling himself he has to do it…and that “it” is a tombstone piledriver, only he can’t bring himself to do it! This turns out to be a mistake as Cole sets the champ up…hitting a tombstone piledriver of his own onto the indestructible announce table!

Cole finds himself hated by the crowd as he brings the champ back into the ring for the cover…BUT MJF KICKS OUT! Both men are on their knees, trading blows as they slowly get to their feet before MJF starts to get back into this match…only to take a pump kick by Cole! MJF responds with a rolling elbow strike, which leads to a Canadian destroyer by Cole…who takes a kick right to the face by the champ!

Standing count begins in the ring as both men slowly get back to their feet…shouting for a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE that ends up connecting! They…they cover each other!? The ref counts it, and calls for the bell as this is being ruled as a draw!

Just as soon as Roberts make the announcement, however, Cole grabs the mic demanding five more minutes from the champ just like at their World Title Eliminator match months ago. Max says no…because five minutes isn’t enough! We’re going till there’s a winner in f–king Wembley!

The bell rings and we go right back into this match…but the ref gets knocked out! This drives MJF to grab a chair from ringside…only to toss it into the hands of Adam Cole! They play hot potato with the chair, waiting to see who gets “caught” by the ref as Cole drops to the canvas…and MJF wraps the chair around his neck before hitting the canvas himself!

The ref is finally up and finds himself arguing with Cole before MJF takes the chair off, rolling Cole up for a nearfall! This is followed by the Heatseeker for another nearfall! The match ends up on the apron now…with Cole catching the champ with a straightjacket German suplex onto the apron! Count begins as Cole debates his next move, deciding to hit the champ with a Panama Sunrise onto the floor!

Ref has the count going as Cole brings MJF into the ring…and STILL only gets a nearfall when he makes the cover! Ref checks on MJF as Cole gets to the corner, but he drags the champ back toward the corner as he sets up for another Panama Sunrise…but MJF pulls the ref in, and HE takes a Panama Sunrise instead!

MJF reaches down deep, pulling out the Dynamite Diamond Ring as he gets to his feet. Max seems uneasy about what he wants to do as Cole tries to wake the ref up. Max decides better of it, putting the ring back as Roderick Strong runs in, giving the champ a low blow before leaving! Strong tells Cole to go for the Panama Sunrise, and Cole obliges…but the ref is still out as Cole drops the Boom on the champ!

Cole with the cover, but the ref is STILL out before finally stirring…a slow, slow count leads to the champ narrowly kicking out! Strong throws the title into the ring toward Cole, telling his best friend to do what he needs to…as Cole removes his team t-shirt, focusing on his own intentions as he picks the belt up!

MJF is on his knees as Cole sizes him up…but he throws the title out of the ring! Strong is angry as he leaves the ringside area. Cole yells at Strong as he turns his attention to MJF…who catches him with a small package as the ref makes the count! MJF gets the pin and the win in our main event to retain the AEW World Championship!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW World Champion: MJF

Cole is beside himself, crawling to the corner to process what just happened as Max tries to cheer Cole up saying these people still love him. Crowd chanting to hug it out as Max tells Cole to “watch this,” grabbing the ROH World Tag Team Championship belts from ringside as he reminds Cole we still have those…but Cole shoves the titles out of the ring!

Max is livid about this, running Cole down before throwing the AEW World Championship at Cole and telling him to do what he wants to with it as Strong returns to rile Cole up into doing the dirty deed…but Cole cannot bring himself to do it! Cole drops the title much to the chagrin of Strong…and the ROH World Tag Team Champions hug it out!

Confetti pours out as friendship prevails at the end, The Kingdom holding back a furious Roderick Strong as we get a huge display of pyro to celebrate one hell of a wrestling event for everyone involved. The commentary thanks fans for watching before revealing that we will be BACK in Wembley next year!

From there we focus on the best friends of MJF and Adam Cole in the ring, still celebrating as this historic wrestling event comes to a close.